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Out of this world things that can be creating your depression

depression and anxiety blocking spiritual gifts from activating?

Feeling Blocked?

A client session summary: Blocked Spiritual Gifts Blocked, A Curse & Implants

My client, we’ll call her Sabine, has been dealing with depression, nightmares, health problems, digestion problems and parent relationship issues for the majority of her life. She also is almost 50 years old and had never been in a real loving romantic relationship. She mentioned, she has extreme anxiety and life is just pointless. She feels blocked and has tried Talk Therapy and other healing modalities including Shock Therapy but nothing has helped. Talking about the issues hasn’t done anything and she has been in therapy for 8 years.


Note: I focused on the client’s answers rather than what questions I asked her to get the answers just so you can focus on her experience instead of the therapeutic approach:


Beginning of the Regression: 

Sabine: I feel blocked. Nothing improves, I’m just waiting for the next thing to go wrong and it brings me anxiety. 


Victoria: Tell me where do you feel that anxiety?


Sabine: I feel it in the mouth of my stomach like if i am hungry very hungry and there is a huge emptiness. My energy life force has been taken from me, and I feel it in the uterus like fear and anxiety in the uterus.


Victoria: Tell me more about what’s happening when you feel your energy has been stolen?


Sabine: I see a tube connected to my umbilical cord that goes from stomach to my mouth and it drains my energy. My energy is strong and they need it. I see an energy capsule and I am like a baby and I am inside this capsule and the tube is on my umbilical cord. There are others there too in those capsules like its a huge farm of these babies in these capsules. 


I see a reptilian being. He makes me feel repulsed. They copied me or want to copy me and research me! I am scared, I dont know whats going on, I am scared and very angry that this is happening to me.


Victoria: What’s his name? What feelings / impressions do you have from / towards this being?


Sabine: His name is Simion -he is a humanoid, he created the technology and there is another being he looks like a metal being though. His name is Atzo or something like that. 


Victoria: Let’s take a pause here and tell me, so far what do you feel is the most challenging moment of this experience where you are now?


Sabine: Realizing that I am trapped in that capsule and I have implants all over my body. It’s disgusting. I am floating in that green bluish liquid (Atzo has me in there).


Victoria: And when you are floating in that green blueish liquid, what’s happening to your soul?


Sabine: I cant have consciousness of what I am truly experiencing here in this liquid, it keeps me trapped and numbed, it feels like I am in a coma! They drugged me, the liquid drugs me to prevent me from feeling. I can’t move. It’s like full blown paralysis. I hear a lot of voices at the same time, these are the voices I hear!


Victoria: What do the voices tell you?


Sabine: So many voices of these beings talking to me, they tell me that I can’t wake up, that I am trapped, that I am disgusting, that I can’t trust others, that I am a slave. To be afraid.


Victoria: And now that you know this, tell me how is that affecting your soul as Sabine? 


Sabine: I live in constant fear, that’s where my anxiety comes from. I feel disgusting, I believe all those things they tell me.


Victoria: Tell me more about how these affect you in this life as Sabine, what it impedes you from doing, hearing all these voices and believing all these things?


Sabine: It’s stopping me from feeling free, peaceful and whole, they stole my energy, I feel depleted all the time. This is why I am truly exhausted even before I wake up to start my day. I am just exhausted.


Victoria: I wonder what orders they gave you when they first found you? 


Sabine: “You are a production receptacle to be used to give birth to more energy.”


Victoria: Ok, you are now going to go back to the beginning of this relationship with these beings. 1.2.3. Tell me, what or where are you?


Side Note: There is a Grey Small Female Being in a deserted cold planet. This being was given orders by the Greys and Reptilians to enslave Sabine in a past life but she went against the orders and instead helped her become a more powerful healer. For that this Grey Female was sentenced to Solitary confinement by the Greys. The Grey Female appeared to have 4 fingers, skinny legs like chicken legs, Grey Fish sparking scales, big almond like eyes, no mouth and tiny nose almost invisible to the naked eye). 


Past Life with 1st relationship to the Reptilians and Aliens – Recap:

The origin of this Grey Female Alien Being and soul of Sabine: Its europe middle ages, I am a young peasant woman. This Grey Female comes to me at first she wanted to enslaved me but thru me she saw that is possible to change so she sees the light within me and what I am doing to help others and she gives me more ideas on how to speed up the healing I do for others. I saved a lot of people. I guess I am called a witch healer. This Grey Being gives me ideas of herbs I haven’t learnt about before and how to use them to do more powerful magic. I am condemned for being a witch. They decapitated me and to make sure they also burnt the rest of my body. 

This is all because I am a woman. This is a curse to be a woman, I always get punished as a woman, why do I have this gift if it’s a curse. 


Victoria: Tell me what are some of the things the men said to you when they came for you?

Sabine: “We are freeing you from evil; all women are evil; You are disgusting for using magic, You now have to die to be free from this evil within you.”. The city mayor addressed the public when he sentenced me and killed me, “We have freed this town from evil”.


Victoria: What do you feel when all of this is happening?


Sabine: This makes me give up and feel rage deep within my bones. I am just tired, I am very disconnected because they decapitated me and I can’t merge my heart and mind so I am always feeling very disconnected from myself, my family and others. I just want to die. I feel like I am a shame to my family for being captured just because I was helping others. 


Victoria: where is that shame within you? 


Sabine: In my lungs and Womb! There’s dark smoke in my lungs. 


Victoria: What is the dark smoke doing to you?

Sabine: Not allowing life force energy to come through so I feel like I am dying always.


Victoria: As you go through that whole experience in that life as that peasant healer that was just decapitated, identify what is the most difficult moment of that experience that’s affecting your soul now as Sabine.


Sabine: Well, I was being blamed for being evil because I healed people. The rage I feel is so intense that it burns my chest, it burns my womb, it’s clogging my lungs. Omg that’s why I am always anxious because I am constantly reliving that moment over and over. 


Victoria: And what do you feel this rage makes you do now as Sabine?


Sabine: To have rage against men, I don’t trust them, this is why I don’t have a good relationship with my father or men in general. I just don’t trust them.


Victoria: What would be possible if you allow yourself to trust?


Sabine: I’ll have a great relationship with my parents and I would allow myself to trust a man that can become a long term romantic partner.


Side Note: Several steps were taken to help Sabine, release energy / blocks, rescue the fragmented parts of her soul and make a new decision about relationship with man to help her release the rage and allow the new energy of trust to integrate with her.


Implant Notes: All implants identified were removed, contracts with these Reptilian and Grey Beings were canceled and revoked. Energy was reclaimed. Soul was freed from the capsule and the green blueish liquid was removed from her energetic body.


Spirit Releasement at the end of the session summary notes:


Towards the end of the session, we found a spirit attached to the Womb Area. His name was Cohit, he was attached to the Womb as well causing feelings of Disgust. The Reptilian and Greys commanded Cohit to attach in order to amplify the energy of self disgust and disgust towards men.


Cohit was an Earth-bound spirit assigned to be with the client in the womb to continuously feed the energy of disgust within her womb and amplify the use of the implants with the client. 


Cohit- was a young man in a native town over 600+ years ago. Sabine was the daughter of the chief and Cohit was the main warrior in the tribe. Cohit had feelings for Sabine and was a very flirtatious man but Sabine was not interested in him. One night after a spiritual dance and ceremony, he wanted to be with her and tried, but when Cohit was going too far, she stopped him and told her father what happened. The main chief condemned Cohit to death for attempted murder of the princess.


Cohit: I never left. I stayed with her all these years. I was seduced with the energy of sexual desires for her that turned into darkness for dying simply because I wanted her, I liked her and I wanted her only for me. So she couldn’t be with anyone else but me. My desire to be liked by her turned to hate. I hate her for being stuck with her. When I died I cursed her because she had me killed and my parents were ashamed of the situation and I felt guilty for putting them in that situation.


Victoria: Cohit, what words did you pronounce when you cursed her?


Cohit: “I’ll follow you for as long as needed to make you pay for what you have done”. 


Victoria: And what energy do you give her to make her pay?


Cohit: I remind her of what she felt when I was on top of her and I give her the hate I have for her, and I give her the shame I felt when I died and I saw my parents’ feelings of shame…I give it all to her.


Cohit’s curse was canceled by him, and he was guided to understand what he was doing and how it was also affecting him. Cohit was released to the light.


Sabine Reported 2 weeks later that the first week struggled with understanding the whole session. She was anxious still but noticed a small shift but couldn’t pinpoint it just felt it. Then she had a week of relief and felt amazing for the first time in over 25+ years. But then doubts started to come back in. She took 1 month to schedule her 2nd session. She mentioned she was feeling too tired to put herself through another one of these sessions but she pushed through. It has been 3 months and her anxiety and depression dropped from severe anxiety and depression to very manageable. She has more sessions scheduled. She said the best thing is that she is sleeping with no nightmares, so getting rest is helping to not feel so anxious she said. She also started to notice how she is seeing herself with new eyes like seeing herself for the first time ever. She said she is falling in love with herself and that’s a miracle. 


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