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Closing the Gap of Where you Are and Where You Want to Be with Victoria Amador: UNLOCK your Full Potential, The Healing and Growth Journey DOESN’T Have To Be Hard

Hi beautiful souls,

I am Victoria Amador, a spiritual healer, certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Life Coach. I work with my clients in person in my West Palm Beach office studio or online. Some of my clients are oversees in Europe, Latin America, thoughout the USA and Florida. My Transpersonal healing and life coaching practice focuses on age regression, past life regression, hypnosis, qhht, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, life coaching with a focus on transpersonal (beyond the physical coaching for soul alignment in life, business, family, relationships, and beyond).

Victoria Amador, Soul Healing Tribe DRT and Ancestral Lineage Healing Introducing Victoria Amador

Victoria Amador, Founder, Soul Healing Tribe

I help those going through spiritual awakening release traumas, fears and doubts. I created the Awakening the Healer Within program to help individuals let go of past wounds and embrace a life of opportunities, peace and joy. With the DRT technique I get to teach others all that I know so that they can become effective Healing Practitioners.  Another program, I am deeply proud of is the Ancestral Lineage Healing to help heal generational ancestral traumas. I love working with people who are ready to do deep work to release and transforms their lives. 

My journey started in childhood, marked by the emergence of my abilities to perceive spirits of diverse natures. Initially grappling with a sense of powerlessness and the fear of societal judgment, I chose to keep these experiences private. However, as I entered my late twenties and early 30s, the intensity of these gifts heightened, prompting me to delve earnestly into the spiritual realm.

During this transformative period, a close family member’s mental health challenges, characterized by visions, became a catalyst for me to utilize my abilities in understanding and aiding him. This marked the initiation of my dedicated exploration into comprehending the intricacies of the spirit realm at a deeper level. Engaging in shamanic journeys and facilitating spiritual ceremonies became my means of extending healing to my loved-one and others.

Simultaneously, I dedicated a good portion of my life to opening and managing several small family businesses, a significant number of which achieved substantial sales exceeding 6-7 figures within a couple of years timeframe. Despite this entrepreneurial success, the year 2021 became a pivotal moment, where burnout and a profound sense of disconnection from my inner self-propelled me to transition away from conventional business ventures. This shift marked a sincere commitment to embrace my life’s purpose — to contribute to the well-being of others. I always felt like my energy was divided between 2 very different worlds. And making the commitment to go full time into the healing arts felt natural.

Observing a recurring theme among past healing clients — a desire for rescue without the commitment to transformative personal work — prompted me to explore the integration of shamanic and spiritual training with therapeutic methodologies. This quest aimed at providing clients with a comprehensive and enduring healing experience.

Embarking on this journey, I initially delved into quantum healing hypnosis, recognizing it as an initial step that, while valuable, fell short of capturing the entirety of spiritual essence. As is common among emerging alternative healing practitioners, I pursued various training programs, investing over $40,000 to work with top transpersonal therapy institutions in the USA, Latin America, and Europe. The synthesis of these experiences and therapeutic insights led me to create a unique and advanced technique: Dreams Regression Training (DRT), specifically designed to address the complexities of the spirit realm.

DRT requires mastery of fundamental protocols, setting it apart as a distinctive and advanced method unparalleled in the realm of alternative healing. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous individuals ready to embark on profound inner journeys, witnessing transformative changes in their lives and the lives of their clients.

Now, extending an invitation to you, I’d like to share my knowledge and insights in a complimentary masterclass. Join me as we explore the depths of these transformative techniques, empowering you to effect positive change in your own life and that of others. Here is a link to a complimentary video program of a live recorded training on Dreams and Nightmares.

As a 21 Divisions devotee (high priestess), I work with the Mysteries (Los Misterios) as my private daily practice. 21 Divisions is an ancestral magical spiritual practice, it’s a way of life to honor our ancestors and spiritual beings that assist us in the physical plane. Unlike what most people think about 21 Divisions, in my lineage, we are not allowed to work with dark forces. Universal law of Causes and Effects does not care if you use dark forces for positive or dark, it will still count as collaboration with low vibrational beings. Those low vibrational beings are connected with a web of low vibration emotions and other nonorganic energies that can easily create chaos in our lives. My elder, known as Merceditas, is a 21 Divisions Mambo, a 96-year-old healer who assisted thousands throughout her 70+ years as a well-developed Healer.

I also practice other ancestral spiritual practices that work closely with our ancestors, to venerate and honor our ancestral lineage (whether blood or non-blood related).

My shamanic trainings started a couple of years after being immersed in several of the ancestral spiritual practices. We can’t properly hold shamanic healing journeys unless we have developed our spiritual strength and achieved a certain level of spiritual maturity. Over the last 7 plus years, I’ve had the honor of guiding and serving others in shamanic experiences to release wounds, facilitate healing and train other healers.

I am super excited for the opportunity to serve you (your soul and spirit).

If there is any questions or doubt about any of my transpersonal healing work or programs, please reach out. My email is [email protected] 

If you are interested in taking a Free Accelerator program – click here.


Proud member of IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine & AETR (Spain’s Transpersonal Healing Associated focused on Past Life Regression Therapy)

Proud member of IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine & AETR (Spain’s Transpersonal Healing Associated focused on Past Life Regression Therapy).

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