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Sacred Plant Medicine

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies & Integration Sessions

Including Psychedelic Integration Prior and Post Trance Experience

Infusing ancient shamanic practices with modern techniques for lasting transformation.

Transform your life through sacred medicine ceremonies such as Hapeh, Sacred Cacao (Kakawo), African Dream Beans, Sananga, Tabacco, Holotropic Breathwork, & More.

Client Success Stories

Why Regression & Integration Sessions?


Participating in a sacred plant medicine ceremony is truly a sacred experience; however, for most, they have not real clue what they worked on, what did it really happened in those journeys and how to bring forward the experience so it can have tremendous impact in their lives.


  • If you have participated in psychedelics or sacred plant medicine ceremonies and don’t have the support of the Shaman or Sitter, you may consider doing integration sessions.
  • Hapeh Therapy -can be extremely powerful to release and go deeper with my guidance to heal / integrate. To learn a little more about Hapeh click here.
  • The African Dream Beans are great to work with your Dream State to navigate deeper into spiritual gifts, repressed emotions, meeting with spirit guides and guarding spirits.

Schedule a consultation if you want to learn more how working with some of the listed sacred plant medicine can help you or if you need integration therapy before or after a sacred plant medicine experience.

*For those working on your spiritual gifts (astral traveling, psychic abilities, remote viewing, etc) we work with these medicines also to teach you how to develop your gifts / natural abilities.

To see the schedule for upcoming group ceremonies click here.

You don't have to keep living in a cycle of struggle and frustration. But unless you take steps towards healing / releasing your issues, you'll keep experiencing these same challenges over and over again.

Client Success Stories

What I do for my clients?

In a private sacred plant medicine ceremony with Hapeh, Cacao, Sananga, Ambil, or a combination of the different sacred plants. 

  • You’ll not only experience the medicine of the plant, but you’ll also be guided by me to dive deeper than ever before. I’ll be right there with you every step of the way to ensure you are safe to do the work you need to do.

  • Depending on your needs, we may use shamanic techniques, Hypnotherapy techniques, Spirit Releasement, or a combination of several techniques to help you release limiting beliefs, do soul retrieval, bring new energies into your life!

  • Those called to experience sacred medicine can move through profound life transformations with support.

  •  Healing is available to everyone as a part of this gift of Life. But the journey to wellness is also a choice. Sometimes only when we are truly desperate to stop the pain is when we are forced to consider, is there a solution for how I feel? And that’s when we finally choose to show up for our healing — by clearly identifying what we want for ourselves and committing to doing the work.

Why is Integration Crucial?

Let’s Talk Integration

The process of sacred plant medicine integration starts before the ceremony itself. Getting ready can really set the stage for a deeper healing positive journey. Embracing whatever comes up and going in with clear intentions can open you up to insights that hold deep meaning for your life. 
  • Before and Post Ceremony Integration including Regression Sessions to specific moments within the trance to help you make gain the clarity to bring to consciousness that which was hidden for optimal healing results.

  • We also work with your dreams to offer a comprehensive experience of what is it that your soul is trying to communicate to with via dreams and trances!

  • Working with sacred plant medicine is such a beautiful impactful spiritual experience, however, it’s important to note that time between ceremonies is crucial for proper integration.

What is the Process Like of these Healing Sessions?

Victoria only works with a limited number of clients per week/month. If you are serious about your healing journey, we highly recommend being proactive in scheduling your complimentary consultation today.

  • We can discuss a custom program or one of the already established program to meet your needs.
  • These are intense sessions and require a lot of energy from you before, during and after your sessions. 
  • It’s not an overnight process and you have to be patient. You have been carrying your barrage for so many years don’t expect it to be gone overnight.

The healing journey is a journey not a destination and def not a marathon.

All sessions and clients are different; the program is customizable for you and what challenges you would like to work through. This is just a list for you to understand what is possible within the program.

What makes Victoria & This Program different?

Victoria’s shamanic and therapeutic background are the perfect combination to work with clients from all walks of life.

  • In just one 6-8 hour private ceremony session, Victoria can help you release, go deeper into an experience, do soul retrieval, bring new empowering energy in your life. 
  • Spiritual Overnight Ceremonies are only available thru a Custom Program for the year (not a la carte) – only 4-5 person per year. As its an intense 1 year program.
  • Private sacred medicine journeys are not available a la carte.
  • The sacred plant medicine ceremonies unless in a group setting, are only available as part of a custom program for you.
  • With her shamanic background and a combination of various healing modalities, Victoria equips herself with different tools for different issues. 

Are you ready to experience the magic?

Who’s the right fit for this type of healing sessions?

Your Next Step: Choose your Path

Explore Victoria’s 1:1 Custom Shamanic Healing, the Awakening the Healer Program, The Wellness Program or Visit the office for Vibroacoustic Therapy, Chakra Light Therapy, Aura Photography & More!

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