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Soul Regression, Past Life Regression, QHHT, Spirit Releasement

Soul Regression, Past Life Regression, QHHT, BQH, Spirit Releasement

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Discover what spirit wants you to know…

All Sessions Can Be Done ONLINE except for QHHT

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Awakening the Healer Program Sessions

Guidelines for the Awakening The Healer Within

  • Womb Regression / Past Life Regression
  • Soul Regression session to establish a strong relationship Ancestors.
  • Between Life and Bardo Realm to Meet your Spirit Team
  • Specific Chakra Healing (1-2 Chakras that require the most attention.)
  • Heart Energy Alignment, Development, and Connection
  • Throat and 3rd Eye Clearing, Awakening, and Connection.
  • Crown Chakra Alignment, Activation, Awakening of Spiritual Gifts, and more.
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Are you ready to heal, transform your life, and become a new person?

If you are just looking for a one-time session you can schedule that by going to my calendar link at

 All Hypnosis Services such as Past Life Regression, Soul Regression, Spirit Releasement and Beyond Quantum Healing (except Qhht) are available as online or local hypnotherapy sessions as well. Qhht as thought by Dolores Cannon can only be done in person.

Do you want to know your higher self?

Are you going through a spiritual awakening, evolution, or ascension to heal past traumas and wounds?

Would you like to release the old self, the shadows known and unknown, and operate from the heart space to activate your full DNA potential?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

And if you’re facing any of the following challenges or problems, such as…

Trauma stemming from past and present relationships…

Challenges with self-confidence and self-worthiness…

Health challenges and other emotional traumas…

Or even spiritual fears or questions to which you haven’t been able to receive answers yet.

Do you feel like you are a healer but haven’t been able to fully understand and use your gifts?

I want you to know it’s not your fault.

These things can happen and affect us all at any time.

Today, I have a very important message for you.

My name is Victoria Amador. I specialize in spiritual hypnosis, QHHT, BQH, Past Life Regression, Soul Regression, Life Between Lives, and Spirit Releasement. I am a level 2 QHHT Practitioner.

As a High Priestess in 21 Divisions, I have been helping others and have also been on my spiritual journey for years. Then in 2021, I was guided to create a miraculous program for those looking to heal, fully awaken, and ascend!

This deep understanding came to me after channeling information from the Intergalactic Healers Council and the Arcturians who heavily influenced me to take this challenge and create the Awakening the Healer Within Program with their assistance.

A Quantum-Based Hypnotherapy Program to Serve Your Higher Self and Help Heal Deeply Rooted Traumas and Fears

To receive true healing, a process of different sacred quantum-based healing sessions must take place. This is to heal numerous aspects from the root of its core, instead of a single session where normally only a handful of questions and traumas may be addressed.

In the last year, through the Awakening the Healer Within Training Program 23 participants experienced tremendous healing unlike anything they imagined was possible.

Mary G writes:

 “I had a wonderful session with Victoria, she made me feel so safe and unjudged like someone I can trust with my most intimate family and personal affairs which is very hard because I do not trust people.

I am very reserved and even before arriving to my QHHT session I felt like I did not know if I could tell her anything, so I was trying to be very strategic about what I shared until we started talking. I cried so much before the hypnosis part of the session that by the time we finished talking I felt already I got rid of 30+ years of trauma.

I honestly do not know if I could have open up to someone else like I did with Victoria. It’s something about her that made me feel so unjudged and open with her.

My womb area traumas are gone. I had issues, severe trauma and challenges in the womb area but after my session with Victoria these are gone. I feel like I haven’t felt my whole life….


A Powerful Combination Process Created For Healing Multiple Issues

My process of healing rooted wounds and aligning the energy center works in combination with communication from the spirit team, soul family, and ancestors.

Because of this, each person who entered my program managed to heal multiple issues. From sexual and physical abuse traumas, health conditions, relationship wounds, confidence issues, soul expression challenges, spiritual blocks, and so much more.

This is why I prefer my clients to take part in the 1-year program, where you’ll participate in 8 private quantum healing sessions throughout the year. Plus 12 private integration calls. And you’ll have access to the online video course with lectures and message channel for your mind expansion, as well as a monthly zoom call for anyone who wants to join. 

The Awakening the Healer Within program could help you:

  • Heal old wounds, past traumas, childhood traumas, past lives traumas, and parallel lives traumas.
  • Understand your mission and purpose of this life (and past lives.)
  • Experience Spirit communication and counseling that includes contact with souls from past lives, spirit guides (including animal guides), deceased loved ones, and spirit guides as well as ascended masters.
  • Discover your Soul’s purpose and how it affects your lifes choices.
  • Discover Soul agreements, Karmic relationships, Twin Flames, and/or Soul Mates relationships.
  • Understand your connection to your family, partners, friends, and others.
  • If appropriate, spirit releasement can also take place during this program (N/A to all)
  • Meet and communicate with your cosmic/soul’s family.
  • Release and Cleanse, Align and Activate all Energy Centers for Optimal Performance (Your Chakras.)
  • Establish a strong and trusting relationship with your higher self.
  • Discover your natural gifts & abilities.
  • By the end of the program, you’ll be a new, fully aware, aligned person ready to walk your path. Your natural gifts will be fully activated so that you can access your supernatural abilities with grace and comfort easily.

Throughout The Year, Develop a Deep Awareness and Manifest Miracles 

The monthly integration sessions are highly encouraged for you to have a safe space to share, bring awareness to things you may or may not know, discuss and put together the plan for the following sessions, and integrate to manifest miracles.

Most people in the program love taking the time to chat and have indicated that the integration calls have been extremely important for their healing journey.

8 Different Quantum Healing Sessions. Each Session Averaging 5+ Hours

Including room for modification, depending on your unique journey.

This is a sacred time for you, so I like to take the time needed to ensure you have the best session possible.

So I tend to book clients for a period of 5 to 6+ hours for the first session and the following sessions can be 4-5+ hours. I like taking the time needed to ensure we get all the answers to your questions and all your healing completed before you leave my office (or virtual office.) 

  • 1 Quantum Healing Session (Past Life Regression Session / Womb Regression) – General Healing of whatever YOU, the Program Participant would like to address, heal from, or understand better.
  • 1 Past Life & Soul Regression Session to establish a strong relationship with ancient and recent Ancestors.
  • 1 Between Life and Bardo Realm to Meet your Spirit Team, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and/or Animal Spirit Guides / Soul Gifts Retrieval.
  • 1 Quantum Healing Session – Specific Chakra Healing (1-2 Chakras that require the most attention.)
  • 1 Quantum Healing / Soul Regression – Heart Energy Alignment, Development, and Connection (1st Upper Chakra.)
  • 1 Quantum Healing / Soul Regression – Throat and 3rd Eye Clearing, Alignment / Balancing, Awakening, and Connection.
  • 1 Quantum Healing / Soul Regression – Crown Chakra Alignment, Activation, Awakening of Spiritual Gifts, and more.
  • 1 Quantum Healing Session to Activate additional DNA codes to awaken more spiritual gifts or receive additional healing.
  • Also, depending on your situation, we may need to have a Spirit Releasement Session (not everyone would need this so for most this type of therapy would be skipped and replaced with a quantum healing hypnosis session. Spirit releasement, as well as ancestral curses/karma, might be worked on if more appropriate.)

Monthly Private Integration Calls via Zoom are 45 mins per session, and Monthly Group Calls are 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins per call.

You’ll also have access to the online forum where we will be able to have a private community to share dreams, visions, revelations, our journey, traumas, and triggers. This is will be important as you integrate, share, and learn from others.

Space Is Limited To Ensure Program Quality Remains High

Normally, to purchase all these services individually from me it’d cost you upwards of $4k… Yes, I know that seems like a lot, but can you put a price on healing from trauma and transforming your life?

But the good news is that, you won’t even pay half of that. I finally worked out a way to lower the price because I want to help more people, though I don’t know how long this price will last.

So right now I’m offering the full program of Awakening the Healer Within for just $1997 (one-time payment or you can choose to pay in 4 installments.) 

This is a limited-access program, and only a certain amount of participants are allowed in per year.

This is to ensure each participant has the opportunity to get the most out of the program. So naturally, space is limited. Once all spots are taken, you’ll have to wait for the next opening which could be 6-8 months to a full year.

Just look at what Marly Nd writes:

“I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager. These attacks have affected my confidence, my relationships with others, and my career.

I finally overcame these attacks during my QHHT session with Victoria. It was an intense session and I felt like someone else wouldn’t have care to help me with this because it was very intense, but Victoria did the session in a way that she was able to pull her spiritual gifts and truly help me. I do not think someone else would have been able to help me.

I am a new person thanks to her and her spiritual gifts. I am forever grateful!”


And Yohanny G says:  

“My QHHT session with Victoria was the most healing session I’ve ever experienced without the use of plant medicine.

I connected to inter dimensional beings who I witnessed sending myself and the rest of humanity healing light of love and oneness. I connected with my mother after more than 18 years of searching for her, in a way my heart had always longed for. She transitioned 18 years ago and although we had interacted together, in my dream state many times, it was never enough for me.

That all changed with my QHHT session and now I feel her so close to me all the time.

So much healing! I feel like I experienced so many activations and now feel the energy of the Universe flowing through me, I am an now an open channel for my Higher Self!

I feel so blessed and grateful to Victoria for such a beautiful and amazingly healing session.”

We Can Only Enroll Those Who Are Willing And Ready

To be the right candidate you must willing and ready to change your life, thought patterns, and behaviors so that a major shift and transformation can occur. These shifts will remove all blocks, fears, and traumas known and unknown. 

It’s a magical process, but you must be willing and ready!

You must be able to have 8 quantum healing sessions within 12 months in person or online.

You must be willing and ready to participate fully by putting your mind and efforts into every session.

You must be able to participate and put your 100% effort to go through your integration sessions with a lot of intent (purpose) for maximum results. If you skip your integrations, you cannot make them up. Some people skip it and only take advantage of their quantum healing sessions which is fine but integration is important to take the most advantage out of the program.

It can’t simply be done in one session no matter how great the Hypnotherapist may be. It requires time, integration, and multiple sessions to address several facets of what makes you, a unique beautiful human being.

Throughout the program, we have been able to successfully address and heal migraines, chronic pain, confidence issues, artistic expressions blockages, skin-related issues, sadness, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, shoulder and back discomfort, stomach pain, herpes, infections, fear of spirits and other entities, body image problems, sleep disorders, stress management issues, and others.

Now, I want you to take a moment to imagine becoming extremely conscious and closer to your Higher Self.

What if all your decisions and actions came from the Higher Self?

How could that change and transform your life?

What if you could get rid of indecisiveness and insecurities?

What would you achieve in life if you knew you couldn’t fail?

The potential here is boundless…

Begin Your Healing And Transformation Process Today!

Multiple Sources of Healing Combined Into One

All healing is self-healing.

And with the help of the SuperConscious Mind and the Higher Self, along with the Arcturians and other Light Beings and Spirit Guides, 23 program participants have already benefited tremendously from this unique program.

Everyone can heal themselves with the right assistance.

And in Awakening the Healer Within, you’ll learn how easy and possible it is to live a magical life. A life where you’ll be finally free and able to walk your life path, your life purpose and mission with 100% confidence and clarity.

 Just look at what Jelena M says:

“This was one of the dearest spiritual journeys I had with Victoria.

I waited for years to find someone I could trust to do QHHT, and I’m so glad I did. Victoria guided the session from the beginning till the end in the most gentle way.

She knew how to navigate through my questions, and my higher self trusted her to share some fascinating details about my soul journey.”


The Way I See It, You Now Have 2 Options…

You can click off this page… and once again start searching for answers, healing, connection with higher self, and spiritual awakenings elsewhere.

Maybe you’ll find something… It’ll probably take a while, maybe even years. But if you really want to go it alone… be my guest. I know that might sound harsh, but due to the limited availability of this program I would rather not enroll people who are on the fence.

On the other hand… You can use my years of expertise to help you. And together, we’ll work through everything you’ve seen here today in the Awakening The Healer Within program.

You’ve seen the testimonials…

You’ve seen how the program could help you…

It’s time to decide.

I can’t make that decision for you, but let me ask you this: How much does your healing mean to you? 

Begin Your Healing And Transformation Process Today!

Please remember spaces are limited, and I can’t guarantee you that there will still be a space in the program if you delay.

To your healing and higher self,


Q: Where does your in-person office serve?

This office serves all of South Florida including West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Greenacres, Boca Raton, Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, etc.

Q: Can I do the program online?

The program can be done online, so it does not matter which state or country you are from. You can sign up as long as you have a great internet connection so that we can have successful sessions online via Zoom. You need a computer, video cam and wired headphones for all sessions.

To sign up visit

If you need to make 4 equal payments click here

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