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Join like-minded souls on a guided journey perfectly combining business, personal & spiritual development into the ultimate soul healing experience.


Alternative healing is more popular than ever before, so why is it such a struggle to tap into your abilities and connect with the people who need you?

Maybe you’re not even sure you have “the right skills” to facilitate complex healing. Or maybe you’re confident in your healing skills and aren’t sure how to build a business in alignment with your passion and purpose..

What if I told you that it is absolutely possible to grow a thriving, heart-centered business that allows you to live your purpose AND help people heal on a soul level?

The Journey Doesn't Have to be hard

Clients that complete our DRT program get REAL RESULTS, often 20x faster than they’ve experienced before
+ without the trial-and-error, doubts, or putting in years of time and training.

Where the Journey of Healing Mastery Begins

Our DRT program is a sanctuary for healing practitioners who are ready to deepen their healing abilities and embark on a path of personal and professional growth.

On this journey, spiritual wisdom intertwines with modern practices, guiding you to embrace your complete healing strength. More than a learning experience, this exploration is designed to awaken your true potential and reconnect you with your essence as a healer.

Whether you want to be a healer or spiritual coach, this program is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Enhance Your Spiritual Connection

Tailored for healers (and those new to the Healer’s Path) integrating spiritual guidance and energy work, this program enriches your ability to facilitate deep, transformative healing, expanding your repertoire with advanced spiritual and energetic healing techniques.

* The more you do this work, the more intuitive you’ll become naturally!

Spiritual & Therapeutic Techniques

Ideal for spiritual therapists and healers seeking to guide clients through nightmare resolution, trauma healing, and overcoming spiritual fears and doubts. Our curriculum provides advanced tools for regression healing, empowering you to help clients release limiting beliefs, reclaim lost aspects of themselves, and integrate transformative experiences such as dreams and spiritual downloads.

Master Integration and Regression

Suited also for practitioners guiding clients through psychedelic experiences or interested in trance regression therapies, this program prepares you to support profound transformations safely and effectively, enhancing your skills in integration and regression therapies.

Heal the Healer

By fostering your self-healing, resilience, and empathy, you become better equipped to support your clients. Whether you’re enhancing spiritual connections, exploring subconscious realms, or guiding transformative journeys, our DRT program is here to elevate you.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Victoria Amador, and I understand the journey you’re on because I’ve walked a similar path myself. Starting from scratch, facing the challenges of building several 7-Figure businesses and battling burnout—I’ve been there. And I’m proof that you can rise above it all.

Today, I’m a distinguished Spiritual Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Coach, blending my Cornell University education with shamanic training, Spiritual Regression, and Transpersonal Therapeutic techniques. My approach is holistic, addressing wounds with compassion and precision, thanks to certifications in Clinical and Transpersonal Trainings amongst other trauma trainings. My Transpersonal Life Coaching training at The Wellness Institute has prepared me to continue to support my clients beyond their healing process to achieve life mastery & growth.

Having transitioned from entrepreneurship to healing, I’ve guided countless individuals on transformative journeys and worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, nurturing their growth every step of the way.

Your success isn’t just a goal—it’s my mission. I’m passionate about empowering individuals like you to find freedom and make a meaningful impact through developing your spiritual gifts.

The DRT Pathway

Bridging Spiritual Wisdom and Modern Practice

soul healing tribe shamanic journeying

Dream Regression

Explore the deeper meanings of dreams by learning techniques to unlock subconscious messages, resolve conflicts, and promote personal growth through dream analysis.

soul healing tribe energy healing

Past Lives Regression

Become skilled in guiding individuals through past incarnations. Teach how to uncover patterns, heal traumas, and integrate insights into present life.

soul healing tribe spiritual coaching

Age Regression

Learn to guide clients through revisiting early experiences for healing. Master techniques to address childhood traumas and promote emotional well-being.

soul healing tribe third eye activation

Soul Retrieval

Facilitate the process of reclaiming lost aspects of the self by guiding individuals in reconnecting with parts of their soul, fostering inner wholeness and integration.

Soul healing tribe dream work

Womb Regression

Gain expertise in facilitating journeys to the prenatal period. Teach methods to resolve issues from gestation for profound healing and transformation.

soul healing tribe trauma healing

Spirit Guide Healing

Connecting with and channel guidance from spiritual beings, discover how to access higher wisdom for healing, growth, and spiritual evolution.

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The Curriculum

DRT 3 Pillars to Thrive

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Program Details at-a-glance

Embarking on this journey with us is an investment in your future as a healer and in the lives of those you will touch. Here are the essential details to get you started.

Duration & Format

Designed to deliver all the tools you need to succeed

Our comprehensive DRT program spans 3 months and 90 hours, allowing you time to integrate the learning into your daily practices.

Format: This is an online training course delivered via Zoom. We’ll help you get all the right tech in place prior to the training.

Dates & times

Next Cohort Starts Aug 2024

Weekend sessions – 10am to 7pm EST

    • New Dates for Next Cohort Coming Soon – Join the waiting list


PIF or Monthly Payment Options Available

Save $$ by paying in full for just $1,850 (total value of the program = $5,500 + bonuses!)

Or select 4 equal monthly payments of $487.

Enrollment covers all course materials, exclusive access to our online community, and ongoing support from our team of experts.

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Want a less intensive option? Email me to learn about other program options.

+ Get access to our limited time Bonuses

BONUS: Access to a Mastermind Group ($3000 value)

You will have the opportunity to become a member, network with others walking the same path as you, collaborate, strategize, share resources & support each other. + participate in business focused workshops to grow your business.

BONUS: 1 Year Access to Live Coaching Group Calls via Zoom

Once per month live group coaching via zoom

BONUS: 1 Year Access to Private Group Cohort-Based Events to work on yourself and Improve Your Technique

4-8-hour Zoom sessions every 3 months (4 Cohort Based Events to Release, Recharge, & Level-Up in 1 Year).

BONUS: Access to Our Supportive Online Community

Private Facebook community to connect, share & meet others on a similar journey as you.

Bonus: Learn a Simple Yet Highly Effective Coaching Technique

Guide your clients to rapid limited beliefs shifting in a matter of 15 mins or less!


Frequently Asked Questions​

Embarking on this journey with us is an investment in your future as a healer and in the lives of those you will touch. Here are the essential details to get you started:

This program is designed for healing practitioners, therapists, and individuals in the wellness field who want to enhance their knowledge and use of holistic healing methods. ** It’s been proven to be particularly beneficial for those undergoing a Spiritual Awakening. **

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned practitioner aiming to incorporate spiritual regression, dream work, or assistance with psychedelic integration into your practice, this program provides valuable guidance and techniques.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification in Dream (Nightmare & Trance) Regression, with a specialization in the techniques covered throughout the course, such as Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression. This certification acknowledges your comprehensive training and proficiency in these advanced healing methodologies.

Yes, the program is designed to be flexible, accommodating the needs of working professionals and those with other commitments. The blend of online and live sessions allows participants to engage with the course material at their own pace, with options for evening and weekend sessions to ensure maximum accessibility.

The program is crafted to be accessible to those new to healing practices, providing a supportive and comprehensive introduction to various healing techniques and modalities. Even if you have no prior experience, the program will guide you through the fundamentals and support you every step of the way as you develop your healing abilities.

Introducing the Hybrid DRT Program: a dynamic fusion of recorded lectures and interactive group calls tailored for individuals facing scheduling constraints. Crafted to accommodate those unable to participate in live classes, this innovative program ensures you receive comprehensive instruction equivalent to our live sessions. Engage in live coaching sessions where you can pose questions and delve deeper into the material. Moreover, every three months, immerse yourself in cohort-based events to fully partake in the rich experience of our live program. Join us in the Hybrid DRT Program and unlock boundless learning opportunities, regardless of your schedule limitations.

The best way to stay connected is by joining the enewsletter so you can get the event updates and more.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Now (limited time offer).

The Dream (Psychedelic & Sacred Plant Medicine Trance) Regression Technique $1850 (Value 5.5k)

  • Dreams & Nightmare Regression
  • Trance Regression
  • Spirit Communication Experiences
  • Spiritual Downloads Regression & Integration
  • Age Regression Protocols
  • Womb Regression Protocols 
  • Beginning to Advanced Past Life Regression Protocols
  • Beginning to Advanced Spirit Releasement Protocols
  • ET Communication, ET Implant Removal
  • Life Between Lives Regression Protocols
  • Mindset Shifting Protocols
  • And more.

BONUS: Access to our Community ($500 value)

BONUS: Access to a Mastermind Group ($3000 value)

BONUS: 1 Year Access to Live Coaching Group Calls ($2500k value) via Zoom

BONUS: 1 Year Access to recorded course work ($1850 value)

BONUS: 1 Year Access to Private Group Cohort-Based Events to work on yourself and Improve Your Technique ($2000 value) via Zoom – 4 hours & 8-hour day events every 3 months (4 Cohort Based Events to Release, Recharge, & Level-Up in 1 Year). 

YES! Enroll In the Dream (Nightmares, Psychedelic & Sacred Plant Medicine Trance) Regression Technique Training Just 4 Installments of $487 each, with the first installment due upon enrollment and the subsequent three payments spread over the following 3 months. Click here.

To ensure the integrity and sanctity of our group experience, we kindly remind all participants that signing up for our live training entails a commitment to punctuality, consistent presence with your camera on, and attending every scheduled session. Our training delves into profound soul healing, fostering a deeply transformative journey for all involved.

It is imperative that you honor this commitment and refrain from leaving in the midst of the program or missing any sessions unless faced with a genuine emergency. Your consistent presence not only honors the collective energy of the group but also maximizes the effectiveness of our shared healing journey.

Your adherence to these guidelines is crucial in maintaining the sacred space and collective intention of our training. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding the integrity of our community.

Attention: Considerations Regarding Spirit Energies in Training

For those who harbor apprehensions or discomfort towards spirits, ghosts, or other energies, it may be advisable to reconsider participating in this training. A significant portion of our curriculum will be dedicated to addressing spirit attachments, including techniques for their removal from both yourself and your clients.

This segment comprises approximately 30% of the training. It’s crucial to acknowledge that proficiency in Dream Regression Therapy (DRT) necessitates the ability to engage with this content without becoming triggered. Your capacity to maintain composure allows you to effectively hold space for your clients during sessions.

Therefore, if the prospect of delving into discussions and practices involving spirit energies poses a challenge for you, it might be prudent to evaluate whether this training aligns with your current comfort level and readiness. We prioritize creating a supportive and empowering learning environment for all participants, and your well-being is paramount in this process.

If you find yourself grappling with a significant amount of trauma and are easily triggered, it’s crucial to carefully assess whether this training aligns with your current needs and readiness. Throughout the program, we will delve deeply into the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of trauma. This immersive exploration may involve hearing about others’ traumatic experiences and engaging in discussions that could potentially evoke strong emotional responses.

If you tend to retreat or become overwhelmed when confronted with trauma-related content, or if processing information or following directions becomes challenging in such circumstances, it may be advisable to postpone enrollment in this training for the time being. The content we cover has the potential to trigger sensitive topics such as sexual abuse, molestation, physical abuse, spiritual abuse, and more.

My sincere request is for you to prioritize your well-being and only proceed with the training if you feel capable of remaining committed to the process. While the journey may be challenging, those who persevere often emerge stronger and more resilient. However, if the prospect of engaging with such intense subject matter feels overwhelming or distressing, it may indicate that this training is not the best fit for you at this moment.

No, this training does not focus on teaching magic or shamanic practices. Instead, it is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how these components are integrated into the therapeutic protocols within Dream Regression Therapy (DRT). While spiritual concepts and shamanic protocols are indeed interwoven into the technique, it’s essential to clarify that this is not a workshop or training centered explicitly on magic or shamanism. Rather, our focus is on equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively apply DRT within therapeutic contexts.

Email me at [email protected] and I’ll try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Whether you embark on this transformative program for personal development or to assist others in their spiritual journey, here’s what awaits you:

  • Regression to Specific Dreams 
  • Nightmare Release & Integration
  • Release Ancestral Trauma:
    • Address and release ancestral trauma, creating a pathway to healing for yourself and others.
  • Divine Male and Female Energies:
    • Understand, balance, and connect the diverse aspects of male and female energies within yourself.
  • Overcome Limiting Money Blocks:
    • Work on releasing limiting beliefs surrounding finances, fostering the manifestation of abundance in your life.
  • Reclaim Your Power:
    • Empower yourself by learning techniques to reclaim personal power.
  • Life Between Lives Regression Protocols:
    • Explore the significance of life between lives regression, particularly for those undergoing spiritual awakening.
  • Shadow Work:
    • Delve into the understanding of shadow parts, locate them within yourself, and acquire tools to release and integrate compromised aspects due to trauma.
  • Identify and Release Self-Sabotaging Patterns:
    • Uncover and release self-sabotaging tendencies hindering personal growth.
  • Holistic Shamanic Tools:
    • Utilize shamanic tools to conduct sessions in a holistic manner, promoting comprehensive healing.
  • Psychedelic Trance Regression & Integration
  • Thoughts & Beliefs (including Problem) Release & Shifting
  • Somatically Release Energy Blocks:
    • Learn techniques for the somatic release of energy blocks, promoting overall well-being.
  • Age and Past Life Regression:
    • Master age and past regression techniques to complement dream and trance regression experiences.
  • Soul Retrieval, Spirit Releasement, and ET Implant Removal:
    • Acquire skills in performing soul retrieval, spirit releasement, and removal of ET implants.
  • Uncover Repressed Emotions:
    • Understand how repressed emotions manifest in dreams, nightmares, and body sensations, and learn methods to address them.
  • Womb Regression and Other Lives Regression:
    • Enhance therapeutic effectiveness by learning womb regression and other lives regression techniques.
    • and more!

The Main Transpersonal Protocols include:

Therapeutic Protocols You’ll be Learning & Experiencing as part of your training include:

  • Dream / Nightmare / Psychedelic/ Sacred Plant Medicine Trance Regression
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Past Life Regression to Release Deep Rooted Traumas
  • Regression to Spirit Guide & Ancestors Connection in Dreams or Trances
  • Spirit Releasement Protocols
  • Soul Retrieval Protocol
  • 2 Mins Regression Protocol
  • Grief Healing & Integration
  • Integrated Womb Regression / Rebirthing
  • Abortions / Miscarriages Healing
  • Etheric Cords Healing
  • Life between Lives
  • How to Find Hidden Entity Attachments and ET implants
  • How to Remove Generational Curses, Promises, Agreements & More.
  • Trance & Dream Download Integration
  • Spiritual Download Integration
  • Integration & Coaching
  • and more!

This Is Your Time to Transform!

Take the next step to get REAL RESULTS, 20x faster than you’ve experienced before
+ without the trial-and-error, doubts, or putting in years of time and training.