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Chakra Bed Light Therapy Chromotherapy

Discover the transformative power of Chakra Light Therapy, also known as Chromotherapy.

This gentle / non-invasive yet potent form of energy medicine utilizes color and light to heal and harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. By stimulating the body’s seven chakras or energy centers, Chakra Light Therapy promotes a sense of well-being and balance.

The Chakra Light & Sound Bed Therapy are scheduled as a combo only.

What can Chakra Light Therapy / Chromotherapy do for me?

There are numerous benefits to exploring Chakra Light Therapy. Experience improved physical and emotional well-being as your energy flow becomes balanced. Enhance your spiritual connection and inner peace. Increase your energy and vitality. Enjoy better sleep and enhanced creativity

What are Vogel Crystals?

Chakra Light Therapy combines the power of color and light therapy with the healing properties of crystals. Vogel Crystals, in particular, amplify and direct the energy of the light while facilitating communication with higher states of consciousness. 

Scalar energy, also known as “quantum energy”
or “zero-point energy,” may be used alongside specific colors of light to balance and align the chakras. Vogel crystals are renowned for their exceptional healing properties and are commonly utilized in crystal healing and energy work. 

In the realm of light therapy, these crystals serve to enhance and channel the energy of light while enabling communication with elevated levels of awareness. The unique shape and cutting process of Vogel crystals induce spiraling energy, which can generate gentle, natural radiation when transmitted to the human body through heat, light, and vibration.

Is Chakra Light Therapy Safe?

Chakra Light Therapy is safe and pain-free, suitable for individuals of all ages, including children and the elderly. Whether you’re seeking relief from physical symptoms or a deeper sense of well-being, Chakra Light Therapy offers a transformative and holistic healing experience. Chakra Light Therapy / Chromotherapy can help you with anxiety, depression, PMS, back injuries and more! Light therapy has also been said to improve the overall recovery after medical or surgical procedures by reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation and helping stimulate open wound healing.


Image on left from Wellness Institute Org. An accredited organization providing continuing education to licensed practictioners.

Do I need one or multiple sessions?

The best program for best results is a 10-session program.

If you simply want to test it out, schedule your visit and during or after you can decide if signing up for a 10-session program is in alignment for you.

The Process Of The Chakra Therapy

Who shouldn't do Light Therapy?

“Approaches to Chromotherapy For new researchers, Klotsche discussed some useful points about chromotherapy as he practiced it, and he found it to be a complete therapeutic system for 123 major illnesses. He used single colors and also combinations of two or more colors for therapy and different techniques, namely, direct exposure and hydrochromopathy. He correlated the concepts of color healing with Einstein’s mass–energy relationship, which seems quite accurate in terms of the concept of an energy field around the human body. His work seems to be an extension of Ghadiali’s concept, but it proved to be more accurate. He emphasized the pros of chromotherapy—that it is safe, simple, economical and highly effective.” A Critical Analysis of Chromotherapy and Its Scientific Evolution – PMC ( by the National Library of Medicine 

Each chakra energizes and sustains certain organs. The balance of the seven chakras activates healing by transmitting energy to the electromagnetic field around the body (1). ‘The body has seven major energy centres known as chakras, each centres is responsive to a different colour. Chakra located at the sites of the major endocrine glands, corresponds to particular states of consciousness, personality types and endocrine secretions.