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Phoenix Rising


Phoenix Rising Exercise

Let’s embark on a guided exercise, designed to take just 2 minutes or less. I invite you to gently close your eyes and envision yourself rising from the ground, ascending from the surface. With each upward motion, feel the liberation as if you’re making significant strides towards improvement. As you ascend, you suddenly notice a halt in your ascent, and become aware of 3 to 5 weights pulling you, anchoring you to the ground.

Take a moment to acknowledge the first weight. What does it symbolize? Allow the immediate answer to surface. Now, proceed to the second and third weights, and so on. Explore what actions you need to take to release these weights. What crucial tasks have you been postponing that are necessary for freeing yourself from their grip?

As you visualize working through and releasing these weights, notice the immense potential within you. Feel the sensation of accomplishment as you envision yourself achieving your goals. Experience the fulfillment that comes with being the person you’re meant to be. Notice the expansiveness within you, allowing your energy to flow effortlessly as you align with your inner self on this journey of life.

Now, gently return to your present moment, carrying with you this feeling of expansiveness.

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