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Hypnosis and the Brain - Scientific Research Findings

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Hypnosis and the Brain According to Research

Hypnosis and the Brain: A Spiritual Perspective

You know, scientists / doctors / psychs have been diving deeper into the mysteries of hypnosis for a very long time. They’re uncovering fascinating insights about our brains. It’s like peeling back layers of a cosmic onion—each layer revealing more about the complex nature of our consciousness. So far, the findings are intriguing but also pretty intricate according to an article on “Hypnosis and the Brain” https://www.apa.org/monitor/2024/04/science-of-hypnosis.

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Researchers, armed with advanced neuroimaging tools, have yet to reach a consensus on which exact brain regions and networks are engaged during hypnotic states and suggestions. This isn’t too surprising when you think about it, considering the diverse manifestations of hypnosis. As Devin Terhune from King’s College London points out, hypnosis can range from inducing vivid visual hallucinations to modulating pain or even tweaking memory. Given these diverse experiences, it’s no wonder pinpointing a single brain region responsible is elusive.

However, there are some emerging patterns. A thorough review by Raz and his team highlighted three crucial brain networks linked to how hypnotizable someone is and how they respond to hypnosis: the central executive network, the salience network, and the default mode network. The default mode network, in particular, is quite interesting—it’s usually buzzing when we’re daydreaming or reflecting inwardly. Michael Lifshitz from McGill University explains that during hypnosis, the activity in this network diminishes. It’s almost as if the usual chatter of our minds quiets down, creating a serene space for new insights and experiences to flow in. In my practice, I dont use hypnosis for relaxation unless the client needs resources before diving into the healing session. Normally I use hypnosis at the end of the session, to provide the client the opportunity to integrate the energies they retrieved, the energy exchanged, pieces of the soul that were rescued and so on. At the end of the session, when we do the integration while in hypnosis, this tends to be quite effective for the healing process. Very rarely since 2021 I used hypnosis at the beginning of a session in this way at least. 

Anyways, moving on….Faerman and Dr. David Spiegel (one of my favs medical practitioners in the alternative healing movement in my opinion – disclosure: I’ve taken some of his conferences and classes so I do like his perspective on some of the alternative healing modalities and opinion in general) investigated how hypnotizability relates to perseverationa kind of mental rigidity where people stick to old rules even when new, better ones are available. Their findings suggest that those who are more hypnotizable tend to be more mentally flexible, able to embrace new information and let go of outdated patterns. This cognitive flexibility could be part of what makes someone more receptive to hypnotic suggestions.

By the way, I also founded Faerman and DR. Spiegel’s findings and opinions on perseveration fascinating when we consider the mental energetic parasites that in InterDimensional Hypnosis we can find with people that have energetic implants and how its extremely hard to let go of old believes and spiritual / religious practices due to the effects of the ET energetic implants.

So, from a spiritual viewpoint, my perspective is that hypnosis can also be seen as a journey inward, where the usual boundaries of our thinking soften, allowing us to connect with deeper, more flexible aspects of our consciousness. It’s like opening a door to a different realm within our minds, where the usual rules don’t apply and new possibilities can emerge.

check out the full scientific article here: https://www.apa.org/monitor/2024/04/science-of-hypnosis


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