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How to make better decisions?

Using The Grow Model to Make Better Decisions
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How to Make Better Decisions

Making Better Decisions with the GROW Coaching Model

The GROW Coaching Model is a versatile and powerful tool that extends far beyond its typical use in coaching and personal development. While often employed in professional settings, (and I use this with my own coaching clients!) it’s equally effective as a self-guided framework for decision-making. I’ve personally found it invaluable for gaining clarity on important choices, ensuring that my decisions align with my core values and life goals. By applying GROW to your own decision-making process, you can achieve a level of self-awareness and purposeful action that keeps you true to yourself and your desired life experiences. Let’s dive into how you can harness this model to make more confident, aligned decisions.

What is the GROW Model?

GROW stands for:

G – Goal
R – Reality
O – Options
W – Way Forward

Using GROW for Decision-Making

  1. Goal: Define Your Decision

Start by clearly stating the decision you need to make. What’s your ultimate goal? What outcome are you seeking? Be as specific as possible.

Example: “I need to decide whether to accept a job offer in a new city.”

  1. Reality: Assess Your Current Situation

Analyze your current circumstances objectively. What factors are influencing this decision? Consider both internal and external elements.

Example: “I’m currently employed but feeling unchallenged. The new job offers higher pay and more responsibilities, but requires relocation.”

  1. Options: Explore Alternatives

Brainstorm all possible options. Don’t judge at this stage – list every alternative you can think of, even if some seem impractical at first.


  • Accept the new job and relocate
  • Decline the offer and stay in current job
  • Negotiate remote work for the new position
  • Look for other job opportunities locally
  1. Way Forward: Create an Action Plan

Evaluate your options and choose the best path forward. Create a concrete plan to implement your decision.

Example: “I’ve decided to accept the job offer. My action plan includes:

  • Giving notice at my current job
  • Researching housing in the new city
  • Planning the move logistics
  • Setting up a budget for relocation expenses”

Benefits of Using GROW for Decision-Making

  • Structured approach: GROW provides a clear framework to guide your thinking.
  • Comprehensive analysis: It ensures you consider your goals, current reality, and all options before deciding.
  • Action-oriented: The model leads directly to a concrete plan of action.

By applying the GROW model to your decision-making process, you can approach choices more systematically and confidently. Try it out for your next big decision!

Download the PDF to use the full framework on your own here



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