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Transpersonal Healing

Transpersonal Healing Sessions

Healing aspects of ourselves one session at a time...

 Transpersonal Healing Sessions are highly effective and allows you to revisit hidden or known past memories, process deep emotions in order to release, heal, and bring new energy into your life. With these healing sessions you will have the opportunity to work through layers of past experiences that have created limiting perceptions about yourself and release those faulty beliefs accordingly so that they cannot longer control your reality any longer. By doing so, you allow your body, mind and spirit to create new possibilities for yourself.

*To be effective, we work on one main issue per session. 

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Is it ok to do one session at a time?

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (Age regression, past life regression or Life between Lives regression) is a very powerful healing modality and with one session a lot can be done. However, most people do require multiple sessions. One session is perfect for those that don’t know how powerful this healing can be and want to try it out before committing to a longer program, have a very precise issue to work thru or want to experience a session before signing up for the Awakening the Healer Within program or a custom program. Alternatively, you can also choose to book your sessions one at a time whenever you feel ready to do so.

Efficient and affordable – ideal for those with time or budget constraints and specific issues to address, such as:

  • Feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy (which affects all aspects of your personal and professional life!)
  • Confidence blockages
  • Relationship patterns
  • Low self esteem challenges
  • Hopelessness / Helplessness 
  • Negative self talk / ruminating thoughts 
  • Trauma survivors who are now ready to process at deeper layer of that experience using transpersonal healing sessions.
  • Shame, Guilt, Fears, Grief
  • Work related inter-relational challenges
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and others (family, friends, work colleagues, romantic partner, community and/or even the planet itself).
  • And more.

My goal is to help shift my clients out of painful previous reality to embrace a new reality thats based on their life’s mission and to be happy, present and more connected.

You don't have to keep living in a cycle of struggle and frustration. But unless you take steps towards healing / releasing your issues, you'll keep experiencing these same challenges over and over again.

Client Success Stories

What I do for my clients?

Helping my clients break free from negative thinking, feel empowered, and find lasting meaning in life. 

  • Though this singular focus may seem narrow, it actually impacts many aspects of my client’s lives, from their relationships to their professional success.
  • I help my clients break free from the weight of negative thinking and transcend their struggles.
  • By working with me, my clients develop a newfound sense of empowerment that allows them to achieve their goals with confidence.
  • The healing they experience pushes them to make positive changes and become more assertive in all areas of their lives, from work to relationships.

What can I expect during a Transpersonal Healing Session?

Each session is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and meaningful healing experience. Together, we will work to uncover and address the root causes of your issues.

A session may include any or a combination of the following techniques:

  • Age Regression
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy
  • Parts Therapy
  • Shamanic Techniques
  • Womb Regression
  • In Between Life Therapy

To ensure effectiveness, we work only on one main issue per session. Every session is designed to address your individual needs and provide you with real tangible results.

What is the Process Like of these Healing Sessions?

1 Session consists of:

  • 10-15 mins conversation
  • 90 mins main session

Schedule your session if you are ready to better understand yourself, release stuck energy and limiting beliefs, & become self empowered!

All sessions and clients are different; each session is customizable for you and what challenges you would like to work through.

What makes Victoria & This Program different?

To learn more about Victoria please visit the About page. Victoria is a Transpersonal Therapist and Shamanic Healer with deep experience in several shamanic practices.


  • Each session is unique, utilizing a combination of shamanic backgrounds and various healing modalities.
  • Her unique approach is like an energetic surgery of the soul, leaving clients split wide open, broken down, and put back together after each session.
  • With her shamanic background and a combination of various healing modalities, Victoria equips herself with different tools for different issues. The cherry on top? Fast results within just 3 months.
  • Without listening to daily recordings, no need for years of therapy work, and with the integration to help you in your healing journey

Are you ready to experience the magic?

Your Next Step: Choose your Path

Explore Victoria’s 1:1 Either through the Awakening the Healer Program, a custom program, one off sessions or Visit the office for Vibroacoustic Therapy, Chakra Light Therapy, Aura Photography & More!