Break free from your triggers & limiting beliefs. Transform your inner world with our 12-Minute Trigger Release and Shifting Blueprint today!

Are you ready to understand yourself and create a life filled with peace, connection, and emotional stability? Our online (on demand) program, “The 12-Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Blueprint” is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and profound change. Use it on yourself or with paying clients.

In just a few mins you'll experience deep relief & awareness!



Consider, what if you had the exact blueprint for how to help your clients (or yourself) release and shift out of triggers??

Whether you are doing this for yourself or because you work with clients as a healer, coach, energy worker, psychedelic integration practitioner, life coach, wellness, relationship coach, fitness / health coach, or you are a specific niche coach, your clients experience challenges and triggers on the daily.


Escape their Trigger Prisons!

With this technique you'll have an exact blueprint to guide yourself (and clients) to experience deep transformations in 12 mins or less.

The 12-Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method Doesn't Require:


Picture Yourself Guiding YOURSELF (and Clients) To:

Due to its effectiveness, many high-performing coaches, therapists and healers are now using The 12-Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method.

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How Does the 12 Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method Works to rewire the subconscious mind...

Over 10 years ago, I embarked on a journey to find answers from ancestral spiritual and shamanic practices that eventually led me to transpersonal healing using a combination of spiritual, shamanic and therapeutic components to help others transform their lives.

I was on a mission to create simple yet advanced and effective protocols to help transforms the lives of my clients. If a training program offered something quite impactful, I simply modified it to make it easier to implement and for my clients to follow my guidelines. It's from all the years of practicing and studying that I began to merge different methods to create a powerful technique for profound changes.

Unlike mainstream therapy or coaching.....The 12 Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method rewires the subconscious mind by going into a possible source of the experience to release it and shift it.

The 12 Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method rewires the Subconscious Mind. It's in our Subconscious that we hold our beliefs, emotions and feelings, timeless memories of the soul (including past lives and other lives), values, imagination, protective reactions, etc.

When we use the Trigger Release & Shifting Method, we are working not only on understanding why we get triggered by specific people, situations, experiences, but we are also rewiring the subconscious mind so we can create a new reality.

Our conscious mind gets looped depending on the trauma we experienced and when we get triggered, a part of us is naturally in the original trauma experienced until rescued by us. And it doesn't matter if it's from this life or another or if it's just based on 'imagination'.

So, when we want to let go of something that triggered us and we can't, is because our subconscious mind is doing its job to 'protect' us from something that happened in the past (at another time and place).

Therefore, when a current situation, person, experience, threatens us or remind us of something that happened before, we get triggered by it.

Our mind resists so we feel deeply triggered and therefore, we resist being curious about what are we supposed to learn from the experience that triggered us.

In order to work on Understanding, Releasing & Shifting these triggers, we have to work at a subconscious level.

The great news is that we have a method that we can use in 12 mins or less to quickly understand, release and shift what is triggering us at a deeper level unlike anything we thought possible before!

Your soul /spirit is calling to you to expand and grow. It’s time to level up.
Together, we can achieve many things! 
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If you already see clients, I am sure you may experience how your clients are stuck in the same patterns week after week, stuck in a loop with their problems...and nothing you do seems to be doing the job?

I understand, I was there once too. Traditional Hypnotherapy wasnt working, NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching or QHHT, didnt work either..., I was working with highly fragmented clients so I wanted to find the best way to help them and do so much faster....

I began to feel frustrated with my role as a Hypnotherapist / Spiritual Coach when I wasn't getting my clients to experience change at the rate I thought should have been appropriate....so I began to create my blend of the different teachings and philosophies I've learned over the years and DRT is the result. From DRT, one of the key protocols, is the 12 Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method.

One round of this framework is 12 mins approx - and with 30-60 mins, you can guide clients to experience breakthrough transformations unlike anything you've ever seen before.

After working with so many clients who were experiencing heavy depression, anxiety, many triggers at work, at home, from life itself, we now have this simple yet highly effective technique.


Why traditional life coaching, NLP or Talk Therapy, & other Modalities DO NOT Work to Release Triggers as Effectively?

We cant release hidden beliefs by simply talking about why someone triggered us....we have to go into our subconscious mind. Profound transformations requires diving into our subconscious to unearth the root cause, diligently working through it, & ultimately releasing it to be able to experience a real shift.

Traditional life coaching and talk therapy often fall short in this regard, as they primarily engage with the conscious mind and may not effectively tap into the subconscious and unconscious realms where triggers originate. Similarly, methods like QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) and others, aren't effective either for trigger releasing, these modalities requires extensive time commitments, rendering them impractical for many individuals and potentially failing to address triggers at their core.
The 12 Minutes Trigger Release & Shifting Method offers a compelling alternative. Its streamlined approach allows for swift and efficient access to the source of triggers, enabling effective release and transformation in a shorter timeframe and with greater efficacy than other modalities.

The 12-Mins Trigger Release & Shifting is part of the DRT System. For the first time, it's available as a stand-alone training.

Here's How the Training Will Flow:

Why Choose This Program?

Our program is crafted to deliver results efficiently and effectively. Here’s why it works:

  • Quick and Effective: Designed to fit into your busy schedule, our 12-minute blueprint provides fast, impactful results.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by experienced professionals with a deep understanding of emotional and mental well-being.
  • Supportive Community: Join a network of like-minded individuals on a similar journey towards transformation.
  • Flexible Learning: Access the program anytime, anywhere, and learn at your own pace.

Transform Your Reality Today

Don’t let hidden triggers and limiting beliefs hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a more peaceful, connected, and empowered life with our 12-Minute Trigger Release and Shifting Blueprint.


  • The 12-Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method – Step by Step Framework ($297 Value)
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  • Bonus: Exclusive Virtual Live Workshops to Practice The 12-Mins Trigger  Release and Shifting Method & Other tools within the DRT system. ($550)
  • Bonus: Problem Release and Shifting Method ($297)
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Founder of Soul Healing Tribe, Victoria Amador.
I am a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Coach & Spiritual Healer, specializing in empowering modalities such as Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy, and Age Regression, among others.

After graduating from Cornell University, I was in the hospitality world and worked with many high-powered executives’ side by side. I have been coached by some of the most effective executive coaches, and trained with some of the best Transpersonal Therapists in the USA, Europe & Latin America. 

Prior to committing full time to my healing practice, I opened, managed and sold several 6 and 7-Figures businesses in different industries.

My healing background started in ancestral spiritual practices, later training in shamanic healing and eventually in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy where I combine all my spiritual and shamanic training with Therapeutic Protocols.

My unique healing approach targets the root causes of pain and trauma while also focusing on high performance coaching. My clients tend to be high performance individuals ranging from Medical Practitioners, Traditional Therapists, Small Business Owners, Biz Executives, stay at home mothers, individuals from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. One of my biggest passions is working with individuals experiencing spiritual awakening that realized past wounds are holding them back and its time to release, heal and align.

I hope we get the opportunity to connect energetically and share sacred space whether its in a private one-on-one healing or coaching program or a group-training.

Victoria Amador, Founder, Soul Healing Tribe

Frequently Asked Questions

Embarking on this journey with us is an investment in your future as a healer and in the lives of those you will touch. Here are the essential details to get you started:

How long is the program?
The core component can be completed in just 12 minutes a day, with additional resources for deeper transformation available at your own pace.

The 12 Mins Trigger Release & Shifting Method training is one of the many DRT protocols. You will not receive any certifications for it. However, the DRT program upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification in Dream (Nightmare & Trance) Regression, with a specialization in the techniques covered throughout the course, such as Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression. This certification acknowledges your comprehensive training and proficiency in these advanced healing methodologies.

I want potential DRT students to experience first hand the healing potential….and there is nothing better but to experience it first hand! I also hope that even if you are doing this for your own personal development, that you can find it in your heart to share this with someone who may benefit from doing this program.

The program is crafted to be accessible to those new to healing practices, providing a supportive and comprehensive introduction to various healing techniques and modalities. Even if you have no prior experience, the program will guide you through the fundamentals and support you every step of the way.

Do I need any prior experience?
No prior experience is necessary. The program is designed for everyone, regardless of their background.

What if I need support during the program?
You’ll have access to our support team and a community forum where you can ask questions and share experiences.