Ancestral Lineage Healing Program

Unlock the Wisdom Within of Your Breath, Mind and Body to Connect, Release, Shift and Align with your Ancestors and Your Higher Self

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Have You Ever Stopped To Consider What Was Life Like for your Ancestors?

ancestral healing program soul healing tribe
The pain experienced by your parents, grandparents, and the preceding seven generations affects you, ranging from physical, sexual, emotional, and mental abuse to neglect, abandonment, illness, and trauma.
ancestral healing program soul healing tribe
Ancestors who endured slavery, war, and genocide passed down trauma through the genes. What would it feel like to experience these life-threatening events? What feelings and sensations arise for you?
What are some of the things you parents and grandparents (whether blood or non-blood relatives) said about life, work, relationships that you also repeat? i.e I must work hard to earn money. Life is hard.
What was the way of life for your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents? What was lost that were positive qualities? Aspects that would enhance your quality of life now.
What gifts or talents were evident in the family life that you may want to explore further in this program? i.e. intuition, dreamwork, developing your clairs, remote viewing, etc.
What spiritual connections did your ancestors have (perhaps you receive clues in dreams or trances) that need to be further integrated for optimal living?

Transform Your Relationships with Yourself & Ancestors

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How Ancestral Traumas Affect Us?

Ancestors are imprinted in cellular data, whether you have a connection to them or not. (whether you know them or not, or even if you were adopted – you’ll experience awareness and healing). 

When you decide to connect and help the ancestral lineage heal, you are making an active choice to embrace the healing journey. Dreams may become very active, you would feel called to learn more and more, to connect with them, honor and respect the ancestral lineage and to assist those that need assistance (when you are ready to do so).

Through Epigenetic, science proves what we have known for thousands of years, we know that ancestral genes are passed down to us. With our Ancestral Lineage Healing Program, we aim to not only connect to our ancestors but also to understand and heal inherited trauma, behaviors, and wounds. 


We can inherit limiting beliefs, habits, pain, trauma, as well as positive qualities and gifts that we can integrate when we do this healing work. 


Weekly Virtual Live Zoom Sessions - 12 Weeks Ancestral Healing Program

Starting May 16th, 2024, 8:45pm to 10:45pm EST. 2 Hours Weekly. We just started; you could still take advantage of this program.

12-week journey of ancestral learning and reconnection in support of personal, family and cultural healing.


Whether you’re new to the journey or seasoned in the realm of family and ancestral healing, this course offers inclusive guidance and practices suitable for all levels of experience. 

Important Aspects we will cover include but not limited to:

Who would benefit the most from this program?

The Ancestral Healing Program is tailored for those currently engaged in or aspiring to embark on a spiritual journey, seeking profound connections with their family lineage for transformative healing experiences. Delving into ancestral healing can be instrumental in breaking the cycle of negative intergenerational patterns that affect our present family dynamics. Through spiritual practices guided by our wisdom within, we embark on a journey of understanding and metamorphosis, reclaiming the inherent power within our familial spirits.

By actively engaging with our ancestral lineage, we initiate a process of healing that extends beyond individual realms, mending ruptures within family bonds and fostering unity. 

Breathwork Experiences: A vital component of our healing process for Deep Ancestral Healing

What this program is NOT about?

Photo: From a Sacred Medicine - Hapeh & Cacao Ceremony

Your soul /spirit is calling to you to expand and grow. It’s time to level up.
Together, we can achieve many things! 
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Here's How the Training Will Flow:

Who is Leading the Training?

Hi beautiful souls,

I am Victoria Amador, Founder of Soul Healing Tribe. 
I am a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Coach & Spiritual Healer, specializing in empowering modalities such as Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy, and Age Regression, among others. I am Initiated in three ancestral spiritual practices and have been in the healing arts for 10 years. My Afro Spiritual Traditions & Shamanic background have been crucial for my deeper spiritual awakening. I love working with my ancestral lineage, it’s something that I am deeply passionate about and makes me feel excited and empowered. I have experienced a lot of healing by working on the ancestral wounds I’ve been carrying for years (and there is more to do!).  I love that we can embark on this journey together, super excited to be doing this with you all!

My unique healing approach targets the root causes of pain and trauma. Together, we will unlock your inner power and tap into your true potential.

It’s time to break free from the constraints of your struggles. Join our tribe and embark on your healing journey today. Your transformation begins now.

Victoria Amador