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DRT Practitioners

Embark on a Transformative Healing Journey: Tailored for Healers & Alternative Healing Practitioners Seeking a Safe Place to Heal and Prepare for Guiding Others in Their Path to Wellness

Dreams (Nightmares, Psychedelics & Sacred Plant Medicine Trance) Regression Technique also known as Dream Regression Technique or DRT

Cohort #3
Starts in March 2024! Limited Spots

Full Weekend Dates (10am to 7pm EST):

April 19-21
May 17-19
June 21, 22, 23rd
Wednesday Evenings - 7-10pm EST on May 8th, May 29th, June 5th, and June 12th.

"Whether you're an experienced healer looking to enhance your skills in transpersonal hypnotherapy, aspiring to start seeing clients, or simply seeking personal development during your spiritual awakening journey – you've found the perfect space to evolve and thrive."

What is the Dream Regression Technique Training?

Introducing the Dream Regression Technique: An Empowering Fusion of Wellness & Spiritual Practices for Dream Exploration including Nightmares, Psychedelic/Sacred Plant Medicine Regression, Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Healing

Whether you embark on this transformative program for personal development or to assist others in their spiritual journey, here’s what awaits you:

  • Regression to Specific Dreams and Communication with Spirit Guides:
    • Explore the depths of your dreams and establish connections with non-human entities.
    • Learn to decipher the profound teachings embedded in dreams, nightmares, and trance experiences, allowing you to process downloads and activate DNA cells.
  • Release Ancestral Trauma:
    • Address and release ancestral trauma, creating a pathway to healing for yourself and others.
  • Balance Male and Female Energies:
    • Understand, balance, and connect the diverse aspects of male and female energies within yourself.
  • Overcome Limiting Money Blocks:
    • Work on releasing limiting beliefs surrounding finances, fostering the manifestation of abundance in your life.
  • Reclaim Your Power:
    • Empower yourself by learning techniques to reclaim personal power.
  • Life Between Lives Regression Protocols:
    • Explore the significance of life between lives regression, particularly for those undergoing spiritual awakening.
  • Shadow Work:
    • Delve into the understanding of shadow parts, locate them within yourself, and acquire tools to release and integrate compromised aspects due to trauma.
  • Identify and Release Self-Sabotaging Patterns:
    • Uncover and release self-sabotaging tendencies hindering personal growth.
  • Holistic Shamanic Tools:
    • Utilize shamanic tools to conduct sessions in a holistic manner, promoting comprehensive healing.
  • Address Developmental Stages:
    • Work on unresolved developmental stages and their impact on unrealized human potential, incorporating exercises to release hidden traumas.
  • Release Existential Issues:
    • Find resolution for existential issues that contribute to feelings of unfulfillment.
  • Somatically Release Energy Blocks:
    • Learn techniques for the somatic release of energy blocks, promoting overall well-being.
  • Age and Past Regression:
    • Master age and past regression techniques to complement dream and trance regression experiences.
  • Soul Retrieval, Spirit Releasement, and ET Implant Removal:
    • Acquire skills in performing soul retrieval, spirit releasement, and removal of ET implants.
  • Uncover Repressed Emotions:
    • Understand how repressed emotions manifest in dreams, nightmares, and body sensations, and learn methods to address them.
  • Womb Regression and Other Lives Regression:
    • Enhance therapeutic effectiveness by learning womb regression and other lives regression techniques.
    • and more!

Transform in just 3 months with intensive sessions held over three full weekends (1 weekend per month for 3 months) and one evening class every two weeks from 7 pm to 10 pm EST. Immerse yourself in profound experiences that will reshape your identity, allowing you to emerge as a renewed individual within 3 months!

Program Participants Sharing Circle Stories

Certified DRT Practitioners

Holly Rene' Griffin

Holly is an Alternative Healer practicing Qhht, Breathwork, Shamanic Medicine Healing and DRT. 

“I have been a practitioner of many modalities for the past 23 years and provide my eccentric perspective on healing for the inner journey of self-discovery, I am excited to meet you and to be a part of your transformative journey back to the pathway of your soul!” Holly

Nathalie Delaine

Nathalie Delaine, your empathetic nVibe Life Coach with over 5 years of expertise in mindfulness coaching. Nathalie specializes in creating transformative spaces for women to embark on profound journeys of healing and self-discovery. Through her unique approach of ‘Soulwork’ and the art of active listening, she gently guides clients towards a deeper sense of inner awareness.In Nathalie’s coaching practice, the emphasis is on fostering a soulful connection, empowering clients to make mindful choices and navigate transformative paths. Her unwavering commitment to the growth and well-being of her clients provides a supportive haven, allowing them to leave behind overwhelm, struggle, and uncertainty.Nathalie is thrilled to share her healing journey with a broader, beautiful audience. Beyond her current expertise, she is actively exploring new healing modalities to reach even more individuals on their unique paths to wellness. 

Estelle 'MJ' Marshall

MJ Sledgehammer – is a spiritual coach specializing in recently incarcerated individuals. MJ is a certified DRT Practitioner.

Yesenia Crespo

Yesenia is a private club executive, yoga and fitness trainer, breathworker and certified DRT Practitioner.

Charrae Mallard

Charrae Mallard is a certified DRT Practitioner focusing on those going thru spiritual awakening.

Geiris Tavarez

Geris Tavarez is a Treasury Executive and certified DRT Practitioner.

5 Individuals took the training for self development purposes only.

These individuals are not certified since they did not complete the practice sessions as their training was purely for self development purposes.

Cohort 2 students listing pending

Join us for the 3rd cohort and join the tribe!

Cohort #1 and Cohort #2 included people in the following fields:

*Shamanic Medicine Women

*Corporate Executives

*Licensed Mental & Health Providers

*Spiritual, Health & Wellness Coaches & More!

Client Success Stories

What would you be learning (and experiencing) in the Dream Regression Technique Training?

Therapeutic Protocols You’ll be Learning & Experiencing as part of your training include:

  • Dream / Nightmare / Psychedelic/ Sacred Plant Medicine Trance Regression
  • Symptom / Emotion based regression & hypnosis
  • Past Life & Age Regression
  • Mystery Schools Regression
  • Regression to Spirit Guide & Ancestors Connection
  • Dreams and Spirit Attachments
  • Dark Force nested entities protocol
  • Soul Fragment and Alive Attached Fragments
  • Soul Retrieval protocol
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy
  • Relaxation / Hypnosis – quick effective and when to use.
  • 2 Mins Regression Protocol
  • Grief Healing & Integration
  • Mental Bridge
  • Integrated Womb Regression / Rebirthing
  • Abortions / Miscarriages
  • Mental Patients who are too rational – quick technique
  • Surgeries and Anesthesia with Soul Retrieval protocol
  • Accident Protocol
  • Etheric Cords Healing
  • Inner Child Healing / Working
  • Life between Lives
  • How to find hidden entity attachments and ET implants
  • How to remove generational curses, promises, agreements & more.
  • Trance & Dream Download integration
  • Integration & Coaching
  • 2-4 Holotropic Breathwork Sessions
  • One live session per student participant.

***And you’ll have access to a private community of graduates of DRT and current students to practice, connect, and learn!

Cohort #3 Training will be 90-Hours

Full weekend Hours are 10am to 7pm EST on Fridays, SATs & Sundays.

April 19,20,21
May 17,18,19
June 21, 22, 23

Followed by Wednesday Evenings from 7pm to 10pm EST (May 8th, May 29th, June 5 and June 12)

Current Cohort 2 Training Dates (Its already in process and registration for cohort 2 is closed):

  • Jan 26, 27th and 28th  from 10am to 7pm
  • Jan 31 from 6pm to 10pm
  • Feb 7th from 6pm to 10pm
  • Feb 21st from 6pm to 10pm
  • Feb 28th from 6pm to 10pm
  • March 6 from 6pm to 10pm
  • March 15, 16, and 17th 10am to 7pm
  • March 20th 6pm to 10pm

Max 10 people for this training allowed.  Once all the spots have been reserved, the cohort is closed.

This is an online training course through Zoom. Ensure you have the right technology to take the training prior to the training.

This is an intensive training. Please ensure you are serious about taking such training before registering – once you secure your seat there are no refunds.

What makes Victoria & This Program different?

There is no other training out there that covers this deep level of therapeutic protocols and allows the opportunity to heal the healer at the same time…it’s that simple.

  • If you want to or already see clients working at their spiritual level, this training is for you!
  • If you see clients who are working in their dream state whether its thru dreams or nightmares, this program is for you.
  • If your clients participate in psychedelics or sacred plant medicine, then this program is for you.
  • If you want to add these services of trance regression, dreams, nightmare regression and integration then this program is absolutely designed to assist you become an effective DRT Practitioner.
  • There is no other program out there provides this depth of insights and tools to help you become effective and help your clients at a level you have not been able to do so before.
  • And while doing all of this to improve for your clients, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on yourself for yourself! This program is designed to heal the healer as well!

Are you ready to experience the magic?

Your Next Step: Choose your Path

Explore Victoria’s 1:1 Either through the Awakening the Healer Program, The Wellness Program (a smaller mini version of the full program) or Visit the office for Vibroacoustic Therapy, Chakra Light Therapy, Aura Photography & More!

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