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Sound Vibroacoustic and Chakra

Awaken your Senses, Reconnect with your Body, Mind and Spirit with Vibroacoustic Bed & Chromotherapy also known as Chakra Light Therapy!

The Chakra Light & Sound Bed Therapy are scheduled as a combo only.

The combined auditory and specifically targeted haptic sensors will leave the Wellness seeker wanting to come back again, and again. Your spirit will thank you.

Experience total synchronization of mind and body with our cutting-edge vibroacoustic bed. Designed to harness the power of natural vibrations and binaural sound therapy, our bed promotes a state of deep relaxation. This allows your spirit to stimulate the mind and body, creating a powerful tool for transforming neural pathways and effortlessly adopting healthier, more positive behaviors. Clinical proven benefits of vibroacoustic treatment includes:

● Faster recovery from anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders, addictions, and more.

● Unlock the power of vibrations to stimulate blood flow in your brain.

Enhance your healing journey after Transpersonal Healing Sessions with our specialized service. Our vibroacoustic therapy system is designed to target mood disturbances and disrupted sleep patterns, providing significant improvement. Discover the potential of vibroacoustic therapy and revolutionize your path to wellness.

Originating in Norway and developed by Olav Skille in the 1980s, this therapy is FDA-approved for increasing circulation, relieving pain, and enhancing mobility.

Vibroacoustic Research and Dr. Bartel’s TEDx talk Learn how Vibroacoustic Therapy can improve your health. In this TEDx talk, Dr. Lee Bartel provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of Vibroacoustic therapy. As a member of the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience and Cross-appointed to the Institute for Life Course and Aging, Dr. Bartel delves into the use of scientifically developed sound played through Vibroacoustic devices to alleviate symptoms of Fibromyalgia pain, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Depression, and boost blood flow. Discover the incredible potential of Vibroacoustic Therapy for your well-being

“The frequency at which neurons like to connect and respond the best is around 40Hz.” The Vibroacoustic Technology provides sound / vibrations massage therapy to muscles and joints that hand/mechanical massage cannot reach. For comparison purposes, ultrasound is a well known and accepted sound technology for viewing tissue inside a body and it operates at 20 KHz

+ (please see Graph A below).

Enhance your well-being with Vibroacoustic Therapy. By placing specially designed transducers within the bed, low frequency vibrations are sent directly to your body. As our bodies are comprised of 60% water, they are uniquely receptive to the soothing sounds and vibrations, which are then transmitted through the nervous system. With different frequencies tailored to specific areas of the body, you can experience whole-body resonance and profound relaxation. Discover the transformative benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy today.

Research indicates that certain conditions can be improved by using Vibroacoustic such as:

Can Vibroacoustic Therapy be harmful? No. Extensive research spanning over three decades affirms that Vibroacoustic therapy is completely safe and beneficial. It has become an essential offering in luxury spas, and now, even the general public can access vibroacoustic beds for affordable spa experiences.

 What are Transducers? Transducers generate gentle vibrations in the bed or table, designed to provide a smooth and comfortable experience for the user. These transducers can produce precise vibrations ranging from below 5Hz to over 1000Hz, including sound frequencies above 20kHz. Due to the clean and precise delivery of vibrational energy to the brain, these stimulating signals are interpreted as sound rather than simply a physical shake.

Who should NOT do Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Exclusions: Individuals with pacemakers, metal implants in the stomach area, electrical devices in the body or heart, metal or platinum devices in the lower body (such as the rectum or pelvis), as well as those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment should wait at least one month after completion before considering vibroacoustic therapy. Additionally, women in their first trimester of pregnancy should refrain from participating. Imaging combination Sound therapy with Chakra Light Therapy and you have a potent combination to feel deep relaxation and allow your energy to shift in powerful ways.