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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy / a Heart-Based Approach

Explore the different wellness program to help you release old wounds and traumas

During your strategy call, you and I will set clear intentions to ensure we put together a session plan for you to achieve real progress by putting a program that fits your needs.

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Awakening The Healer Within 12 Weeks Program

The Awakening the Healer Within Short Version

  • Let go of spiritual doubts and fears
  • Let go of Anger, Frustration
  • Let go of Anxiety, Resentment, Guilt
  • Understand your dream revelations / messages from spirit guides (dreams and nightmare regression)
  • Set healthy boundaries with yourself and others 
  • Stop being afraid of criticism and show your authentic self
  • Gain confidence within / improve your self-esteem, feel good about being here now.

Life Changing Sessions within 12 Weeks (average duration)

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Struggling with feeling stuck, depressed, lonely, unhappy with low self esteem?

For those who are ready to release the traumas (feeling stuck, feeling lonely, hopeless, with no confidence, having mental fogs)  by choosing to work in any of the programs offered thru Soul Healing Tribe, you will gain confidence within, mental clarity and feel present and connected.

My technique is a combination of my shamanic background, heart-based Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, quantum healing and past lives therapy so I consider it an energetic healing session. All sessions can be online or at my office in person.

The Awakening the Healer Within Fast Version will help you:

  • Let go of spiritual doubts and fears
  • Let go of Anger, Frustration
  • Let go of Anxiety, Resentment, Guilt
  • Understand your dream revelations / messages from spirit guides (dreams and nightmare regression)
  • Set healthy boundaries with yourself and others 
  • Stop being afraid of criticism and show your authentic self

Most people going thru spiritual awakening / spiritual calling tap into their spiritual journey because they are in pain / suffering, perhaps feeling hopeless and lonely, tired of being angry and upset with life. 

My name is Victoria Amador. I am a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Healer. I have created my own transformational technique using the different trainings I have acquired in my spiritual practice in combination with the different regression / hypnosis trainings to help you transform your life. 

In the last year alone, I have helped over 200 people transform their lives, let go of lifelong traumas, specially feelings of anger and anxiety, stop feeling loneliness and so much more.

Please understand, I am not a medical doctor, if you have a medical issue or mental illness please seek appropriate assistance from a professional medical provider.

See AZ’s email testimonial:

Mary G writes:

 “I had a wonderful session with Victoria, she made me feel so safe and unjudged like someone I can trust with my most intimate family and personal affairs which is very hard because I do not trust people.

I am very reserved and even before arriving to my QHHT session I felt like I did not know if I could tell her anything, so I was trying to be very strategic about what I shared until we started talking. I cried so much before the hypnosis part of the session that by the time we finished talking I felt already I got rid of 30+ years of trauma.

I honestly do not know if I could have open up to someone else like I did with Victoria. It’s something about her that made me feel so unjudged and open with her.

My womb area traumas are gone. I had issues, severe trauma and challenges in the womb area but after my session with Victoria these are gone. I feel like I haven’t felt my whole life….


A Powerful Process to Help you Heal

The Awakening the Healer Fast Version Program (12 weeks / 5 sessions) will help you:

  • Release old wounds, past traumas, childhood traumas, & past lives traumas related to anger and anxiety
  • Request a 30 mins complimentary strategy session to learn more 
  • If you are ready to book use my calendar to register and pay (you’ll only book the first session and after your registration I’ll email you with how to book the remaining sessions).
  • To qualify – you must be desperate for your healing, if you are not fully committed do not waste your time and money. We are here to see real fast results. You’ll life will change as a result.

This is a sacred time for you. 

This is a sacred time for you, so I like to take the time needed to ensure you have the best session possible.

So I tend to book clients for a period of 4 hours for all sessions

What some clients are saying…

Marly Nd writes:

“I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a teenager. These attacks have affected my confidence, my relationships with others, and my career.

I finally overcame these attacks during my QHHT session with Victoria. It was an intense session and I felt like someone else wouldn’t have care to help me with this because it was very intense, but Victoria did the session in a way that she was able to pull her spiritual gifts and truly help me. I do not think someone else would have been able to help me.

I am a new person thanks to her and her spiritual gifts. I am forever grateful!”

And Yohanny G says:  

“My QHHT session with Victoria was the most healing session I’ve ever experienced without the use of plant medicine.

I connected to inter dimensional beings who I witnessed sending myself and the rest of humanity healing light of love and oneness. I connected with my mother after more than 18 years of searching for her, in a way my heart had always longed for. She transitioned 18 years ago and although we had interacted together, in my dream state many times, it was never enough for me.

That all changed with my QHHT session and now I feel her so close to me all the time.

So much healing! I feel like I experienced so many activations and now feel the energy of the Universe flowing through me, I am an now an open channel for my Higher Self!

I feel so blessed and grateful to Victoria for such a beautiful and amazingly healing session.”

I only work with those who are willing & ready

To be the right candidate you must willing and ready to change your life, thought patterns, and behaviors so that a major shift and transformation can occur. These shifts will remove all blocks, fears, and traumas known and unknown. 

It’s a magical process, but you must be willing and ready to do the work! 

You must be willing and ready to participate fully by putting your mind and efforts into every session.

You must be able to participate and put your 100% effort to go through your integration sessions with a lot of intent (purpose) for maximum results. If you skip your integrations, you cannot make them up. 

Start today!

Everyone can heal themselves with the right assistance.

And with the Transform Now package, you’ll learn how easy and possible it is to live a magical life. A life where you’ll be finally feel peace, feel release, let go of the pain and finally start living.

 Just look at what Jelena M says:

“This was one of the dearest spiritual journeys I had with Victoria.

I waited for years to find someone I could trust to do QHHT, and I’m so glad I did. Victoria guided the session from the beginning till the end in the most gentle way.

She knew how to navigate through my questions, and my higher self trusted her to share some fascinating details about my soul journey.”

Office in Greenacres, FL 33463

Q: Where does your in-person office serve?

This office serves all of South Florida including West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Greenacres, Boca Raton, Loxahatchee, Royal Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, etc.

Q: Can I do the sessions /integration online?

The program can be done online, so it does not matter which state or country you are from. You can sign up as long as you have a great internet connection so that we can have successful sessions online via Zoom. You need a computer, video cam and wired headphones for all sessions.

To book a complimentary strategy call use this link: 

Disclaimer: My energy healing session / energetic medicine sessions or healing sessions as I often refer to my technique is a combination of many years of experience in ancestral spiritual practices and hypnotherapy / past lives and quantum healing techniques morphed into a powerful technique to assist my clients release whatever emotional / spiritual traumas they may have. Please understand that my services are not licensed by the state and I am not a licensed physician. If you need medical care please seek the appropriate provider. My technique is focused on spiritual healing that leads to other emotional / mental and even physical healing if the main root of the problem was due to a spiritual issue.

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