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Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Tools for Transformational Results

Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnosis, Shamanic Healing, Breathwork with Hypnotherapy + to Experience Peace, Sense of Presentness & Connection


Age Regression / Past Life Regression / Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

After 18 months, we are finally opening the door again for one off sessions.

To learn more about Age Regression | To Learn more about Past Life Regression 

One off sessions are 90 mins long. 

Spiritual Healing Programs

-One Year Program (booked for 2024)

Awakening the Healer Within for private healing sessions (include age regression, hypnosis, past life regression, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing +)

-Ancestral Lineage Healing (Live Virtual Program) 

Light Therapy to Open Third Eye & Experience Altered States of Consciousness

Utilizing Brain Entrainment Technology (Light Therapy at specific wavelengths) to open up the 3rd eye with Conscious Connected Breathing for a profound healing experience. 

This is an experience that allows for our inner healer / spiritual being to come in alignment with us to experience release, awareness +++

Light Therapy with Sound Healing (Vibroacoustic Sound Bath Bed)

Utilizing state of the art Vogel Chrystals (Light Therapy Technology) with Vibroacoustic (2-in-1) to align our energy centers.

Experience Chakra Light Healing and Vibroacoustic (Sound Bath Bed) 2 in 1 session. Experience the power of light and sound therapy.

Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

MJ SledgehammerMJ Sledgehammer
13:25 14 Jan 23
I am overjoyed to have found Victoria. She has been such an integral part of my healing process. Deep healing can be extremely painful. Victoria shows compassion in our sessions which reduces the pain so I can truly heal while not being judged. I’m grateful to be her client and HIGHLY recommend her!
Rafael ValdezRafael Valdez
12:28 27 Oct 22
Victoria is a great Teacher/Master that works with you every step of the program. She gives you the tools needed to achieve the purpose of the program but you need to do your part too. If someone is looking to change or get better in life and this program came to you, I would definitely recommend it.
Tiffaney JonesTiffaney Jones
01:21 20 Sep 22
Ms. Victoria is absolutely amazing! Her energy is so vibrant and genuine. I just had my second experience with Quantum Healing and the healing sessions was more than I expected. I'm so grateful to be apart of the, Awakening The Healer from within program. Once again, Thank You Ms. Victoria for walking with me on this journey.
Amy Gomez- FarrarAmy Gomez- Farrar
20:26 01 Sep 22
There are no words to describe the incredible healing that took place while sitting in Victoria's magical space surrounded by her blissful energy. My time spent there provided so much release through laughter, tears and many wow moments.. the wow moments continue as I listen to my recording. Victoria poured herself into helping me heal and her love and care reverberated into my soul. I am beyond grateful to have been lead to Victoria and would not hesitate to recommend her.
Amy ZuckerAmy Zucker
22:42 18 Jul 22
My healing session with Victoria was incredibly impactful and thorough. Her welcoming energy and ability to hold a safe space is so powerful. She comes through with such genuine love and compassion that allows for profound healing and awareness to take place. She is the real deal and it can be felt the instant you meet her. I also had a follow up integrative call that served as much impact as my in-person session. The things I’ve learned through working with Victoria are continuing to reverberate and change my life. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of healing or taking their spiritual journey into a higher frequency.

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