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Life Coaching: Closing the Gap of Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

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our transpersonal life coaching program is designed for healthy, functioning adults seeking growth and success in all aspects of life, including spiritual and soul-level development.

Most successful people in high-power positions—entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, celebrities, world leaders, and affluent individuals—often have life coaches, sometimes multiple, to support their diverse goals and aspirations.

Having a coach signifies a commitment to achieving results, personal growth, and life mastery across all areas. It shows the world that you are dedicated to living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

But what if I told you that working with a Transpersonal Life Coach goes beyond life mastery? It is about achieving soul alignment

What if I told you that working with a Transpersonal Life Coach is beyond life mastery, is soul alignment.


Clients that complete our GROWTH PROGRAM get REAL RESULTS, often 20x faster than they’ve experienced before

Where the Journey of Life Mastery for Deep Soul Alignment Begins

Our transpersonal life coaching program creates a sacred space, whether conducted in person or online. Energetically, we establish a sacred environment for our collaboration, facilitating your sessions towards realizing your full potential. This transformative experience unfolds over a 12-month program, which many choose to continue indefinitely.

Successful individuals recognize the pivotal role a life coach plays in their journey to success. In our program, we dive deep into your subconscious, working from the soul, spirit, and heart while harnessing the power of your body and emotions for a truly transpersonal experience. Through techniques such as breathwork and other transpersonal tools, we guide you to realms you never thought possible.

identifying | understanding your life's purpose

Transpersonal Life Coaching helps you understand your life purpose for this stage of your life, not only from a physical perspective but also through a deeper, soul-driven mission.

Setting soul-based Purpose-Driven Goals

Through deep, enriching soul-driven exercises and transpersonal tools, you'll identify your goals and align them with your inner values, some of which you may not even be aware of. We'll ensure you're set up for success and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Overcoming limiting beliefs & Blockages

Many people are aware of some of their limiting beliefs, but most don't realize how many hidden beliefs they have and how these beliefs rule their lives. Releasing and shifting these hidden beliefs is crucial for achieving life mastery and soul alignment.

Action Plans | focus | Accountability

Once your goals and purpose have been clearly identified, we work on setting clear, achievable objectives. We'll hold you accountable and measure your success to ensure alignment between your goals, purpose, your soul's mission, and your actions.

Meet Your Transpersonal Life Coach

Hi, I’m Victoria Amador, and I understand the journey you’re on because I’ve walked a similar path myself. Starting from scratch, facing the challenges of building several 7-Figure businesses and battling burnout—I’ve been there. And I’m proof that you can rise above it all.

Today, I’m a distinguished Spiritual Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Coach, blending my Cornell University education with shamanic training, Spiritual Regression, and Transpersonal Therapeutic techniques including Transpersonal Life Coaching. My approach is holistic, addressing wounds with compassion and precision, thanks to certifications in Clinical and Transpersonal Trainings amongst other trauma trainings and Transpersonal Coaching. As my clients complete their healing programs with me, many choose to continue with a coaching program to achieve life mastery, personal growth. This ongoing support helps them align their life, business, and work with their soul’s mission and purpose.

Having transitioned from entrepreneurship to healing and coaching, I’ve guided countless individuals on transformative journeys and worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, nurturing their growth every step of the way.

Your success isn’t just a goal—it’s my mission. I’m passionate about empowering individuals like you to find freedom and make a meaningful impact in life.


Bridging Spiritual Wisdom and Modern Practice

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regular sessions

Choose between 60-mins weekly sessions in person or online (same day / time every week) or 90-mins on a biweekly basis).

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12-months program

Our Transpersonal Life Coaching Program is a 12 months commitment.

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inner Guidance GPS

Our life coaching technique integrates soul alignment for continuous growth and success, helping you feel at peace while thriving in every aspect of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Embarking on this journey with us is an investment in your future. Here are some more details.

This program is designed for individuals who want to focus on growth and results and doing so in alignment with their true essence, their soul and spirit. ** 

This is a Transpersonal Life Coaching approach and many of the tools we incorporate to help you be in alignment many include dreamwork, spiritual based approaches (not religious), breathwork amongst others. 

The price depends on your needs. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

YES! Options will be provided once we discuss your needs. 

Email me at [email protected] and I’ll try to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

This Is Your Time to Transform!

Soul alignment for a life full of opportunities, peace of mind, balance, adventure, deep sense of spiritual connection with self and others.