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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy

Are you ready to release / heal:

  • Relationship Traumas (relationship patterns)

  • Financial Trauma / Financial Abundance

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety & Panic Issues

  • Self-Confidence Issues

  • Loneliness / Hopelessness
  • Self-Love / Worthiness Challenges

  • Dark Night of the Soul Healing

  • Release Phobia/s

  • Karmic Relationships – including cord releasement

The Past Life Regression Technique I Use – why is it so powerful:

The technique I use is a combination of a technique given to me by spirit in a trance session, and a combination of different techniques I have studied coming together to create a regression technique thats highly effective, does not require you to go into hypnosis and you can get to the roots of your issues.

What Happens In a Session…

First is the Conversation before the regression

We speak for about 30-45 mins about you, your challenges, the symptoms you are experiencing, and family history. I consider this a Conversation before your regression.

The Regression Part of Your Session

The technique I practice has been morphed together from my years in a spiritual practice, the trainings of all the different modalities I have been certified on.

Following the QHHT inductions to get clients to see does not always work which is why this technique is much more effective to get my clients to release emotional / mental blockages, spiritual blockages, receive answers and therefore this brings healing. I combine the past life regression techniques with QHHT and my spiritual practice to bring a powerful technique like no other.

During a session, you may go to current life traumas, thru the womb (womb regression), to past lives, other realities, to Source, or other dimensions. If lost spirits /confused entities are found we are able to address them and help them release. Again, this is such an effective technique that a lot can be done within 2-3 hours. 

You have been dealing with your traumas for potentially years or life long therefore multiple sessions are needed release and receive relief (healing). Check out the Awakening the Healer Fast Version Program which includes multiple sessions for optimal results).

This session is highly effective, all you have to do is allow yourself to experience what’s happening.

And unlike quantum healing where mostly we depend on your availability to SEE, this type of technique is completely different and extremely effective and easy to follow. Anyone can do this type of session and get significant results! 

This is the best technique available for those really wanting to get to the roots of their traumas / issues or get real answers!

I find my clients love this past life regression technique because its straight to the point, very magical, very healing but highly effective!

Listening to your audio is part of your job, normally listening 3 times is recommended. Integrating at home the session is key. I also offer a post session complimentary audio program that you can listen at your own pace. Here is the link for the After Session Integration

What’s Important to Remember?

Healing is an evolving matter. One session is just the tip of the iceberg, you cannot realistically believe that one session is going to do it all. There are layers and layers of healing that needs to happen for a person to truly release a lot of traumas they may have dealt with in this life. Sometimes clients find themselves going back to the same issues multiple time to uncover yet another layer. It will be highly irresponsible of me to tell you that one session is all you need because this is not the case. However, you may go months before you need another session because your Higher Self / Your Being of Light has to be ready in combination with you to do the work. 

Healing is like an onion – there are layers and layers.  Patience is key in the healing process.

If you are interested in doing multiple sessions because you already know that a lot of things need to be worked on then check out the Awakening the Healer Within Training Program – its an 8 sessions program for the duration of a year to do powerful healing work.