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Healing Low Confidence

Releasing the traumas related to having confidence and self worth

Healing Confidence in the Workplace

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Employees Triggering My Client, a VP in Medical Industry
For the purpose of this post, I’ll call my client, Mrs. Smith.

Purpose for the Sessions:

Mrs. Smith has been dealing with a situation at work where a person who was a friend is now under her leadership. This friend and employee is triggering her to feel angry, resentful… sad also for feeling like she lost a friend. This employee makes her feel unworthy of her position and as like she isn’t doing a great job as a VP.

Mrs. Smith wants to be dependable, a good leader, respected, humble, able to connect with her team so they know they have support when they need her but respected and appreciated for all she does.

We go into the regression:

Victoria (Therapist): Go to the most recent time when you were interacting with this employee. Tell me in your own words what you feel is happening?

Mrs. Smith (Client): I feel insecure, like she is disrespecting me because she doesnt think I can do my job. She had that job before and she was demoted. I feel frustrated and mad at the whole situation. I am even surprised and shocked because we were friends before.

Side note: I regressed her further back. And Mrs. Smith ends up in a specific situation that happened 4 years earlier when this employee was her supervisor in another role.

Mrs. Smith: I was with a client at a clinic doing my job, she was my direct supervisor then, she opened the door and interrupted the conversation without asking for permission to do so. It was all very unprofessional. She saw I was with one of my clients and still she proceeded to tell me I was being let go without pulling me on a private conversation or waiting for a more private time to have this conversation. I lost it and started crying.

Victoria: What’s the core emotion underneath that situation?

Mrs. Smith: I feel impotent for not being able to respond at that moment. I wanted to yell at her for the disrespectful way she handled this situation.

Victoria: Notice, what did she take from you energetically at that moment?

Mrs. Smith: Oh wow! She took my power, my confidence, I gave it to her when I did not react and let it go for all these years.

We performed specific steps to recuperate her energy / her confidence.

Regressed further back and she ended up in a past life:

Victoria: Tell me what’s going on, where are you now?

Mrs. Smith: I am an older woman sitting on a sidewalk, dirty and selling little things to make some money. I feel dirty like I haven’t showered in a while, and without shoes. I am begging for money practically but I am so dirty no one wants to get close to me.

Victoria: Tell me about your experience here. What’s the core emotion you identify with in this experience?

Mrs. Smith: I just feel unworthy of life, unworthy of existing, unworthy of respect for letting my life get to this point. People push me away, a man goes by and spits on me, he is full of hate and rage and he took it out on me. There is something about this man I do not like, he has a lot of hate and pride. He is disgusted by me.

Victoria: And when you see this man, look at his eyes, and tell me what do you feel when you see his eyes?

Mrs. Smith: He reminds me of my employee now, it’s the same energy like they could be the same people maybe?

Victoria: What would be the karmic lessons to learn with this soul in this experience that you are in now and your current life as Mrs. Smith?

Mrs. Smith: I have to learn to stand up for myself. In that life he made me feel like a poor disgusting person with no confidence and no right to speak up when he spit on me. In this life I am doing the same thing by not commanding respect. I have to have a serious conversation with this employee and know that the friendship is over and that it’s all professional now. I have to let her go as a friend. We are past that point now.

Victoria: What’s the most terrible / traumatizing moment in that life so far for you?

Mrs. Smith: Wow, when this man spits on me and I am surprised because I didn’t do anything to him other than be sitting on that sidewalk and he goes by and spits on me like he knows me and it’s seriously disgusted by me.

Victoria: I wonder what reactions do you have when that happens?

Mrs. Smith: Well I feel weak like I am vulnerable and anyone can take advantage of me. I can’t stand up for myself. I feel embarrassed and unworthy and like there is absolutely nothing I can do. So I am also feeling very powerless.

Victoria: And where within your body you feel all these feelings of being weak, powerless, embarrassment and unworthiness?

Mrs. Smith: My stomach, my heart, my solar plexus and my jaw.

Victoria: Go forward to when something significant happens, tell me what do you feel is happening?

Mrs. Smith: The same man lives in the community where I station myself. He doesn’t like that at all so he bullies me but today he took it too far and he pushed me. I was too old and I fell and hit my head. I am bleeding from the back of my head. No one cares, no one helps me. He leaves me there and I start feeling weak. Days go by and I start dying, I give up and start dying.

Victoria: What does it feel like when you are dying?

Mrs. Smith: My head hurts, I feel the dried blood on my head, it’s dried now but I feel weak, my whole body is very weak.

Victoria: And now that you are dying. Tell me what do you feel was the significance of that life?

Mrs. Smith: I gave up on life, I didn’t fight, I didn’t respond when I was being humiliated, I lost my will power and gave up.

Victoria: And what are the core emotions when you feel you gave up and didn’t fight?

Mrs. Smith: I am feeling hopeless, angry with myself for not fighting, angry with others for abusing me, I am very angry.

Victoria: That energy of anger located it and we are going to release that energy now as well as the other energy you identified in stomach, chest / heart, solar plexus and jaw.

Session Notes: The different protocols were followed to release these low vibration energies from Mrs. Smith’s body. The energy cord between this soul of the man and the energy cord of the employee in this life were released from Mrs. Smith energy field. Soul retrieval protocols were followed to rescue the different fragments of Mrs. Smith’s soul in that experience and this current life.

Mrs. Smith: was yawning and burping a lot through her whole session, releasing a lot of energy.

Confidence in the Workplace.pptx

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