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Sleep Issues

Spiritual reasons for insomnia

Sleep Insomnia and Spiritual Awakening

Do you struggle with chronic insomnia? Have you tried all the “scientifically proven” ways of getting better sleep like turning off technology, avoiding caffeine at night, and even exercising during the day but just can’t seem to get a good nights’ rest? If so, then it may be time for you to consider treating your insomnia from a spiritual perspective. In this blog post, we’ll explore what spiritual healing is and how it affects our physical health—plus why facing your demons might be the key to finally beating that midnight monster of insomnia.

Basically, we’ll uncover how your sleepless nights could indicate some underlying issues within your personal realm and the necessary steps needed for finding peace of mind that will lead to a more restful sleep. And please keep in mind this is not medical advice.

One of the key factors during the beginning of spiritual awakening is your higher self / your soul bringing out to the surface the main issues you need to address in your life to awaken spiritually. Therefore, sleep issues can be an overactive 3rd eye or blocked 3rd eye who is trying to grab your attention. 

From this perspective, lets first understand that the 3rd eye is the house / the temple to your Subconscious. So what happens if your 3rd eye is blocked or highly active?

  • You may experience nightmares – very dark dreams of you dying, monsters, aliens, or lots of memories of childhood trauma in this life or other realities where your soul had traumatic experiences.
  • You may day dream too much
  • You may experience headaches and even migraines
  • You may experience lack of creativity
  • You may be operating from a false reality where your higher self is letting you know “something must change”.
  • You may feel like you are not on the right path or that there is something important you must do but cant figure out what it may be and creates feelings of incompleteness or insecurities about your life / projects / businesses etc.
  • You may be seeking your life purpose but are very confused feeling stuck.
  • and so many other things.

If you are experiencing any of those things, it’s not wonder why you are having sleeping issues for many even years and years.



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