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Client heals from Bulimia of 15 Years after Spirit Releasement and QHHT session

In this video / blog post, I show you a client email indicating that she is finally healed from an eating disorder of 15 years after a spirit releasement session and qhht session. The session was back in Jun/Jul. We ended up doing 2 sessions in one day, a spirit releasement session to release spirit attachments and a qhht right after – needless to say it was a very long day but well worth it.

The higher self indicated it will take months for her to integrate the sessions she experienced. However, we all know we want the healing done overnight so for a few months she was hopeless thinking she was going to be stuck with this illness all her life.

Then look what happens

My client and I discussed the fact that based on what the SC indicated and the fact that now she had to consciously work on stopping the habit of eating when the idea came up….now that no entities were giving her the thought, the habit is still there so consciously saying no was key for her success….to get rid of the habit it would take 90 days we about 3-4 months was the timeframe for her to feel this was not longer a problem. Of course, the client during that time was feeling hopeless like perhaps the session did not work, perhaps she will always have to live with this…until one day when she realized it’s all over.

3-4 months later it was when my client finally felt completely cleared of this issue. She had many entities attached that were making her eat in order to ‘feed and continue to live they said’. All entities were released and eventually 3-4 months later is when she is finally feels completely cleared after 15 years of suffering with bulimia.

Healing is possible, integration is key for the healing process, it’s not an overnight process especially for complicated cases.

Be patient and kind with yourself!

Please notice that QHHT is not SRT. In this case 2 different sessions were done one after the other to avoid compromising the QHHT technique or SRT technique. It’s important to understand that healing is a process, for this client it took months to integrate her session. For this person, only 1 SRT and 1 QHHT session were needed. However, I have other clients that require 6+ sessions to work thru their challenges. It is an individual very personalized process, I don’t have control of how fast you can heal…I am just the practitioner / the spiritual therapist!

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