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Financial Healing

Financial Healing

A past life regression session to do financial healing.

This session was very impactful in so many ways. The regression part for the financial healing took 1.48 hours so I will do my best to keep this blog post as short as possible by giving you just the highlights.

The client and the financial blockages / financial healing needed: 

The client let’s call him David (for confidentially reasons) wanted financial healing due to feeling a deep long blockage in regard to his financial stability and abundancy. David has always been a workaholic and had very high up corporate jobs at an early age. By 30 years old, David started multiple million-dollar businesses but continued to have a blockage that prevented him from having personal financial stability and abundancy. Although thru his hands millions of dollars come and go, he has never been able to save for his own personal use. He feels like something is creating blockages out of his control, and he is just so tired of these financial blockages. He feels that he had done everything possible with shamanic sessions like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mushrooms, Yopo, and Bufo. He has also tried clinical hypnosis but that hasn’t help much so he wanted to explore spiritual hypnosis / past life regression to see what the real reason for these blockages could be regarding money. He had worked with a life and business coaches as well as a few hypnotherapist who did some work by ‘reprogramming his mind to accept abundance, save etc.’ but that did not work he said (in my opinion all those things he has tried just got him ready for this session otherwise -everything helps in this healing journey!). So, this is his last hope he said since he doesn’t know what else to do.

Session outcome:

David went into a past life as an old rich man who was very successful in business affairs, very respected in his town / land, and with many influential friends. A woman who worked in the occult wanted him to patronize a new business idea she had in mind. The old man was warned against doing business with this woman because she had a bad reputation for working dark magic. With the warnings very clear to him, he refused to work with her, but the woman felt unappreciated by him to the point she wished him harm and made the following statements:

  • You will never be anyone important ever again
  • You’ll regret not accepting to work with me
  • You’ll have to come back on your knees begging me to help you stand up again

David, as the old man, felt her energy very strongly and worried that this woman who knew how to work dark magic could in-fact do harm to him.

Days after the party, the old man begin to feel sick and began to feel things /entities coming to his mind to attack him. The old man began to feel weak and confused, eventually he got the point he lost his mind, businesses and his land and house. He had rashes all over his body and did not want the staff or people to see him in those conditions, so he left his land to go somewhere else. However, he was too weak and died homeless, hungry, and feeling defeated. He gave up and the dark thoughts got stronger and stronger; his muscles began to deteriorate; he felt the fear like a virus spreading thru his body including all over his bone structure making him weaker. Eventually he gave up and died.

When I regressed David to go back to the beginning to understand what happened, this is what the client stated:

“The woman did in fact did some type of magic but most of the damage was done by me accepting and believing that she was powerful enough to cause me harm”.

Those mandates she said to him, he accepted it and became ‘the curse’ that he had lived thru in many lives not just this one as indicated by his Higher Self.

Once we started going thru the session to release this ‘curse / mandates’ and healing the affected areas, David burped so much for what seems to be 20 mins or so. He had strong big burps and a lot of movement in the stomach area.

During the clearing of the energy of the curse we found a computer ship implant in the chest from a reptilian race who wanted to consume his energy. The side effects were a lot of pain in the chest and inability to move forward and progress so that his vibration would be low to create the emotions / energy needed by the reptilians. This implant was deactivated and disintegrated.

The higher self-indicated this is possible because he had brought up the origin of the trauma to his consciousness so it cannot longer be used against him to lower his vibration. The soul does this to keep reminding itself that there is healing to be done.

Whether it’s the imagination of the client or real reptilian race and implants, we work with these curses and implants to remove these things that are affecting the client now. It truly does not matter if it’s true or not because if the soul understood it and accepted its affecting the soul and therefore affecting the part of your soul who is you (in this case my client!).

How is all this possible for the soul to be affected by something that happened thousands of lives ago? Or 100 years ago or in a parallel existence?

For humans, we have a concept of time, but the soul is operating without time – the soul does not understand time like we do in the planet Earth. The soul understands that it is having many / perhaps hundreds or millions of lives all at the same time. The soul is timeless.

Therefore, what happens in one life affects the person here now since the info (the experience / the memory of the experienced) is being shared with the soul thru the different energetic cords that are linked together to compose the soul.  The body is composed of 37.2 trillians cells and the soul too is having an experience throughout time in this planet and throughout the universe in a timeless existence. For this human body its now 2022 but for the soul is living all of those experiences in ancient time, in the future, in other dimensions and planets all at the same time.

If the soul throughout any of those lives experiences an entrapment of the soul thru trauma or situations that it wants to repeat over and over then the soul gets trapped. That info is shared with the soul and amongst all the pieces that make the soul a soul. The pieces of the soul that are more advanced and can go rescue that other part of itself then has the responsibility for doing the healing work it needs to do in order to assist itself in the process of uniting all the parts that makes the soul.

Therefore, the part of the soul who is in that past life who is trapped in that experience needs assistance from other versions of its soul to go there and rescue those aspects of the soul that are trapped in an experience. When we go to a past life, we are basically rescuing a part of our soul that’s trapped in a traumatizing experience.

The soul could also be trapped in a wonderful experience that it does not want to let go off. If the soul is trapped in wonderful experience that it liked, it tries to repeat here now many times and that’s how a lot of addictions or specific experiences like dating 30+ guys in 5 years could be a soul trapped in an experience when it was able to be free and enjoy the company of another person over and over (I guess that’s a blog post for later).

The next day after his financial healing past life regression session:

David reported that the pain he felt in chest disappeared, the stomach area had a lot of noises and movement while the burping was happening as well and the next day, David indicated he felt like a huge weight came out. He said he feels hopeful for the first time in a very long time and the intense bone pain throughout his body is 50% gone in one day (he couldn’t believe it, and I was also surprised because during the interview part of his session he never mentioned having to deal with chest or bone pain.

Healing happens when the heart accepts this is possible.

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