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Hello beautiful souls,

For those doing the 30 days Dream Tea Experience, I wanted to do a quick blog to ensure we are all on the same page.

To prepare you for the Dream Tea 30 days experience:

Dream herbs and the Dream Tea are a tool for experiencing lucid dreaming, however, this effect cannot be guaranteed, especially if you are inexperienced in the field of lucid dreaming. As you start using the tea, you’ll notice that you should be able to recall your dreams, experience more intense dreams and or lucid dream if you are more advanced. Some of you may experience astral projection naturally and if that’s the case, please reach out to ensure I provide additional guidance.

Its important to be patient. It took me years to become a good dreamer! The tea is a huge help though: main ingredients are Entada Rheedi, Organic Blue Lotus and White Lotus, Abalawu, Leaves of the Gods etc…most of them organic and grown by farmers in Africa, Asia, Mexico and the Amazon regions of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. Its important for me to disclose that there are no guarantees, like any product, any sacred medicine, the plants do a percentage of the work and the other is up to you! The spirits of the plants can only go so far if you are not putting in the work…so how do you put in the work?

Here are some tips to do your part to get the most out of this experience:

  • If you wake up in the middle of the night (3-4 hours after initially going to bed), take a half a shot of the tea (cold or warm it up for 10 secs), the dream following will be much more lucid for you.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol (including cannabis)
  • Journaling about your dreams as soon as you wake up before you speak to anyone or check your phone is important. Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers so journaling will train your brain to remember more details as time goes by!
  • Lay down in bed on your back, take deep breaths from belly up, spread your arms and legs (do not cross them), close your eyes and look at the ceiling the farther back you can for a few mins until your eyes become tired, when you are sure your eyes are tired, closed them and breath. Pay attention to the inside of your eyelids, you’ll start seeing patters and colors, shapes, geometrical figures, etc or people, past memories, etc. focus on the one that has the most personal meaning and emotion to you to start entering the trance.
  • Once you decide to lay down for the meditation and take the tea, this is your clue that you are leaving all the worries of the day behind….NO MATTER WHAT, you give yourself that command, I am letting go of the day, I am now focusing on me and what my soul needs to feeling, understand, experience. you repeat that command 3 times – every night for the 30 days dream diet. Do not skip this. You are training your body to receive commands to enter into meditation and a trance like experience.
  • Once you feel you are now going to fall asleep then turn to the side that you normally sleep on and that’s comfy to you. Only do this step after you had meditated. Its possible you could fall asleep in the position of the meditation, and that’s fine. Once you get up in the middle of the night to accommodate yourself and get comfy before going straight to sleep make sure you go over what you dreamt and if something catches your attention put a note on your journal (or your phone if you are using your phone inotes to journal)
  • In the morning when you wake up, journal before doing anything else.
  • The Dream Tea should feel like a hangover but if you do feel like you are working too much on your dream you may wake up tired so you may need to do half the shot.
  • Once you decide to take the tea is because you are going to bed, no cooking, no driving, no operating anything even computers, you want to relax your mind and body to understand what your soul wants you to pay attention.
  • The goal is to develop a connection with your higher self, your ancestors, your spirit team – so every night put 1 intention per night.
    • Such as Show me who I am?
    • Whats my purpose?
    • Who are my ancestors?
    • What spirit is trying to communicate with me and for what purpose?
    • What should I do about xyz?
    • What do I need to help that’s hidden from my consciousness?
    • Why is this situation with xyz happening, what do I have to learn about myself from it?
    • Etc etc etc


Side notes: Some of the plants used in the dream tea, are good for cleaning the immune system, arthritis, stomach issues, purging stuck energy, etc so pay attention to your body, are you sweating during the night or yawning or crying even! Do you need to get up to pee more than usual or to poop? Journal about the physical affects as well. If anything unusual take note of it.


Entada Rheedi: This is a large bean traditionally used in African medicine to induce vivid / lucid dreams and to enable communication with the spirit realm. Entada is really good for REM Awareness so if I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom etc, I take half a shot to go into my REM cycle and induce trance state!


Ubulawu – is an African plant teacher medicine. Its great for intuition and to help awaken the empath abilities in ourselves. Its great to increase self awareness, its used in the Bantu tribes when people are going thru initiations. Its used to communicate with ancestors and spirits. Its legal in many countries and some of the USA. Its considered safe medicine to go within.


Mexican Dream Herb / Leaves of the Gods, White and Blue Lotus and Aguayusa

Here is a report from the FDA concluding the safety of Aguayusa



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Warning: Do not consume for day time or while operating equipment or driving. Do no consume herbal mixtures if you are breastfeeding or have medical history.