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Things to know about Trauma, your body and triggers?

Did you know that the trauma you’ve endured affected your nervous system?

Our experiences of trauma have a profound impact on our nervous system. Each trigger serves as a reminder to our body, mind, and spirit that it is crucial to release the trauma and restore balance within our bodies. This is actually the way our body was created!

But the good news is that we can release these experiences and find healing.

As a Transpersonal Therapist, I’ve dedicated myself to figuring out how to best help my clients after their sessions which is why I have invested in the Sound, Chakra and additional equipment which soon will be available for sessions at my office. Most importantly, I’ve gone through extensive trauma training to ensure that I can provide the support my clients need. In fact, I’ve done over 200 hours of specialized trauma training to help clients who are dealing with spiritual awakening challenges and the lingering effects of trauma.

Here are some important things I’ve learned along the way (of course this is my perspective based also on my shamanic background):

1. It’s not your fault that you experienced trauma. You didn’t choose it, and you shouldn’t blame yourself. And if you believe in Karma and that you did choose this, know that the body is designed to hold on until we actively are ready to let go and release.

2. Your body naturally holds onto traumatic memories, so it’s understandable to feel triggered when something reminds you of the trauma. Be kind to yourself, just as you would be to a friend.

3. Surviving the trauma is an ‘accomplishment’. Many people feel guilty for making it through, but you should celebrate your strength.

4. It’s crucial to stabilize your nervous system and intentionally retrain your body to understand that you are safe now.

5. Accepting and acknowledging the traumas you endured is an important step. These experiences belong in the past, and you can choose to release them there. (this is part of soul retrieval we do in our sessions).

6. Reflect on how you were able to survive the trauma. What did you have to do? Understanding your resilience can be empowering.

7. Sometimes, it’s helpful to distance yourself from the trauma and view it as a movie or projection. See yourself as the main character, the others characters, what is happening, what does it feel like, etc…When you’re triggered, visualize the connection between your current experience and a childhood moment. Then, offer that young child the support and reassurance they needed at the time.

8. Take deep breaths and calm your body as you go through this visualization process. Remind yourself that the experience is over and that you are safe now.

9. In some cases, past life or between life trauma may be affecting you. If that’s the case, consider seeking help from a past life therapist like me.

#10 – Another quick thing to do: when you feel the trigger, place a hand on the area, straighten your back (spine), breath and send love to that area being triggered.

In my healing sessions, I guide clients through these steps without them even realizing it. But I wanted to provide you with these tools so that you can continue to work on yourself when new challenges arise. Healing is possible, and with discipline and self-compassion, you can find peace.

I hope these insights help you on your journey.

Warmest regards,




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