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QHHT vs Transpersonal Healing Sessions?

Someone asked me if I still do QHHT…here is my answer.

When I first started delving into shamanic work in a therapeutic setting, I stumbled upon qhht as a potential solution. I was working with clients on a spiritual healing level who relied on me heavily, to the point where it was draining my energy and leaving me depleted. With a business that demanded my attention 24/7, I knew this situation couldn’t last long without serious consequences.

Message from the daughter of my client – daughter and husband are medicine people serving Ayahuasca for many years now.


Then, one night, I had a dream and a name, Dolores Cannon, popped into my head. I thought it was me from a past life! LOL. Curious, I looked her up and found her trainings on QHHT. I wasted no time and immediately enrolled, eager to offer QHHT to my clients who were seeking a different life. It proved to be very liberating for nay but not for all (or most). However, those who were heavily dissociated due to trauma or hindered by spirit attachments didn’t see the same results.


Initially, I questioned if I was doing something wrong, but as I continued to see more clients and take advanced trainings, I realized that some clients simply weren’t ready to heal they just wanted to know their purpose in this life, or their trauma was beyond what QHHT and wanted someone from outside of them to SAVE them. I was DETERMINED to find a solution, I invested a significant number of financial resources in training with esteemed transpersonal trainers and institutions worldwide. It was because of those clients who made me feel like a failure that I pursued trauma training, and I’m grateful for the opportunity it brought.

Client worked through abandonment / rejection traumas

Through this journey, I also learned to seamlessly integrate shamanic practices into my healing sessions. I began working on advanced spirit attachments and ET interference, something that captivates me and that I actively research with a group of professional therapists out of Europe and Latin America. Contrary to what QHHT believes, I strongly disagree that there are no spirit attachments or A ‘negative’ ET AGENDA. In fact, during the first week of my QHHT training, I encountered clients with severe attachments that required me to utilize other protocols to release these entities. This misalignment with QHHT caused my sessions to evolve into a more all-encompassing, holistic approach to spiritual and trauma healing.


In short, I no longer solely practice QHHT. My sessions for the last 2 years incorporate a combination of techniques tailored to each client’s unique needs. While some components of QHHT remind in my practice morphed with everything else I’ve learned, I don’t specifically offer individual QHHT sessions to clients as I believe in a more holistic approach that requires multiple sessions. When I work with clients, any of the sessions can involve spirit releasement, trauma work/parts therapy, heart-centered hypnotherapy, ET implant removal, soul retrieval, inner child healing, womb regression, dream work, qhht components and much more.


For example, one thing that I believe most people have not realized is that QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is particularly useful for Cosmic Ancestral Healing work. After studying physics, epigenetics, and the history of our planet through my dreams, akashic records, and trance experiences, I uncovered some answers to questions I’ve been pondering for the past three years:

Why do people undergoing QHHT often report visiting magical, god/goddess-like realms or experiencing ‘past lives’? Could these memories be implanted, considering that many people recount similar lives? Sometimes, I wonder if they discuss their sessions with each other or watch YouTube videos, becoming highly suggestible and believing they were Mary Magdalene, Jesus, an Egyptian Pharaoh, a god, a goddess, etc. It’s almost always someone of great historical or mythological significance.

This question led me to dive deep to better understand why and how this happens. So, I started studying physics, quantum physics, and alien histories.

There is much wisdom in practicing QHHT. Although I don’t offer it as a one-off session, I incorporate a modified version of QHHT for clients who need Cosmic Ancestral Healing.


QHHT is a beautiful modality and I recommend it to many but based on my soul’s mission and the type of clients who are attracted to my energy, to be in integrity with who I am, I can’t stay true to the QHHT guidelines knowing what I know. So for anyone looking for just QHHT, I would recommend for them to find another practitioner that is okay providing the session without deviating from it even when needed.


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