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Soul Healing Tribe - A Sacred Soul Alignment Experience

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DRT 72 Hours Training Program

Dreams (Nightmares, Psychedelics & Sacred Plant Medicine) Regression Training – DRT)

Tentative Live Training Topics:


  • What is Soul Fragmentation and why is it key for our therapeutic protocol?
    • From a spiritual point of view – what’s fragmentation / timeless of the soul and higher / inner self and multiplicity
    • From a medical point of view how does this happens based on medical research.
    • Multisimultaneity reality and why is important when address regression work for dreams, nightmares and trances including trauma
    • Repressed Emotions – What Symptoms – the person may have associated with the dream / nightmare or intention for the psychedelic/ plant medicine experience
      • What’s the symptom or core emotion or intention when doing the psychedelics?
        • Focus on the symptom / core emotion
        • Symptom identifies and finds the experience in the unconsciousness
    • Energy Exchange – Important to know this so we can understand why the trauma /neglect or attack to the ‘essence of the soul’ fragments in the moment of the trauma?
    • Symptoms – Emotions / Body Sensations 
      • Abuse (physical / emotional / sexual)
      • Soul Fragmentation Neglect, other traumas we endured and why it causes a soul
      • Accidents / Surgeries – why does the soul leaves in that moment?
      • Grief
      • Anamnesis / Client Interview and how can we do it within mins
      • How to work with Dissociative clients 
      • Death Experience in Past Lives is Crucial
      • Inner Child Healing/ Working with Children
      • Heart Based Regression process
  • Spiritual Concepts / Hypnosis vs Regression 
    • Diff ways our clients uses their senses and why is important to understand this
  • Brainwaves and What Happens when we sleep overview
  • Spirit Guides
    • What emotions are most relevant the day of the dream before dreaming?
      • Joy, Peace, Worried, Fear, Happiness, Obsessive / Anxiety, Panic, etc
    • Confirming they are truly spirit guides and no trickers / malicious or dark force entities
      • Specific critical questions to ask / feel / sense (full doc on google about SRT / ET and Spirit Guides)
    • How to best communicate with them and listen to suggestions 
  • Mystery Schools / Training in other Realms – what’s the best way to bring the teachings into this awareness as your client now, and more. 
  • Accident Trauma Release (ART) and how it may show up in the Dreams -for repressed experiences – the therapeutic protocol and some regression transcripts for your review.
  • Karma
  • Dharma – past lives with spiritual abilities will naturally align once the healing happens but if the person is coming b/c of spiritual gifts then you can simply ask, what spiritual gifts are available to integrate now with the client?
  • How dreams lead to age regression, past lives and in between lives (Regression and Hypnosis Protocos)


  • Low vibration Repressed Emotions or doing alcohol / too much food / drugs or feeling guilty / shame or fear – can land you in the low astral planes
  • Spirit Attachment – due to low vibration emotions from this life and other past lives
    • Curses, Pacts, Agreements, Promises
    • Why low vibration energies are most powerful between 12am and 3pm – and why is important to notice the time if the client has recurring dreams/nightmares and around the same time.
  • ET Attachment
    • Diff types of ETS – Evolvers, Researches, Disruptive with ET Implants
    • Edith Fiores, John Mack, Dick from IFS, Medicine Institutions now that NASA have openly indicated they had Alien Tech and contact since 70+ years!
    • Consents provided otherwise they can’t attach to you or implanet you.
    • Past lives and ETs
    • Relationship with ETs
    • Archons (Nag hammadi library discuss the reptilian or Grey aliens – the grey aliens can be seen in the 3rd dimension but the reptilian can only be seen when sensing higher frequencies – its a higher dimensional being that attaches to the back of the energy centers – written in the ancient tablets)
    • Powerful and Easy Spirit Releasement Protocol to Release all kinds of entities and implants / projections and extensions from Dark Force Entities & ETs

Trance & Spirit Guides

  • Sacred Plant Medicine Journeys – intention for seeking the psychedelics or sacred plant medicine experience – the intention is important to help the clients understand how does it tight to the regression experience
    • Intention / Trance Experience / Core Feeling, Beliefs or Body Sensations
    • Performing regression during a sacred journey experience (ways to handle the regression / therapeutic protocols)
      • In order to do this, you have to know and be able to apply everything we discussed previously so it’s important to be able to use the different tools in order to take your client deeper into the experience to do healing work.
  • Integration Overview and Regression Protocol
  • How to limit the risk of triggering depression after a regression – Tiltration process in case of extreme traumatized clients

Therapeutic Protocol 

  • Symptom based regression
  • Past Life / Age Regression
  • Dreams and Spirit Attachments
  • Dark Force nested entities protocol
  • Soul Fragment and Alive Attached Fragments
  • Suicide and Soul Retrieval protocol
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy
  • Emotion based regression
  • Relaxation / Hypnosis – quick effective and when to use
  • 5 steps protocol
  • Grief 
  • Mental Bridge / 2 Mins Exercise to help those that are very mental or unsure 
  • Womb Regression
  • Interview prior to the session
  • Abortions / Miscarriages
  • Mental Patients who are too rational
  • Surgeries and Anesthesia with Soul Retrieval protocol
  • Addictions
  • Etheric Cords
  • Inner Child Healing / Working with Kids
  • Life between Lives 
  • Catharsis 
  • How to find hidden entity attachments and ET implants
  • How to remove generational curses, promises, agreements and more
  • Download integration 
  • Integration & Coaching
  • 2 Breathwork Sessions and 
  • One live session per student participant 


Training schedule is as follows – 72 hours of Live Training

  • Jan 26, 27th and 28th  from 10am to 7pm
  • Jan 31 from 6pm to 10pm
  • Feb 7th from 6pm to 10pm
  • Feb 21st from 6pm to 10pm
  • Feb 28th from 6pm to 10pm
  • March 6 from 6pm to 10pm
  • March 15, 16, and 17th 10am to 7pm
  • March 20th 6pm to 10pm 


Cost of the Training Program:

$1,080 early bird special until Dec 5. Then $1,850 per person. 

To Register:

Venmo me @soulhealingtribe or Zelle at [email protected] 

Never worked with me before.

If you have never worked with me, please email me your resume to [email protected] and explain why you want to take this training, your current profession, what do you hope to get out of the training. Please do not pay until I confirm that you are approved to register for the training. 

Once you register, there are no refunds. Ensure this is a training you want to take. 

Max 10 people for this training allowed. 

This is an online training course through Zoom. Ensure you have the right technology to take the training prior to the training.


Need a scholarship to take the training?


Although I am not in the position to offer scholarships yet, I also know that some of us need a little help from time to time. So, I decided to offer 3 people a $300 scholarship towards the total of the training program cost.


To apply:

  1. Send me your resume with a cover letter explaining why the $300 scholarship is needed, why do you want to participate in the training.
  2. Cover letter should be between 500-800 words in a word or pdf document.
  3. Your 100% commitment that you are able to fully participate in all the training dates without exception.
  4. First come first serve. Once all 3 scholarships have been granted, I wont be able to offer it to anyone else.This is a 72-hour program and requires a lot of my time in preparation prior, during and after the training. This is an intensive training. Please ensure you are serious about taking such training before registering.


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