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What is Rapeh

Hapeh / Sacred Snuff Medicine

What is Hapeh / Rapeh?

So what’s Rapeh / Hapeh?

• Rapé is a sacred medicinal powder preparation, often with tobacco & used by Indians in the Amazon basin.
• Sharing rapé has pre-Columbian roots and is considered shamanic medicine (very ancient in fact).

• Preparation can be done by knowledgeable shamans or outside tribal communities.

• Rapeh / Hapeh  is traditionally done in ritualistic way to call upon nature’s healing power and blessing of forest animals.

Medicinal rapé is gaining popularity around the world due to cross-cultural friendships and ayahuasca ceremonies.

• It is also being consumed in a more social setting similar to how sacred tobacco became socially accepted.

• Suggestions are given to maintain the sacredness of the rapé ritual as a modern shaman, such as preventing it from becoming an addiction or personal vice.

Appropriate set & setting

  • For a rapé ritual this could includes being outside in nature, at the altar during an ayahuasca ceremony or in a quiet sacred space indoors playing high-vibrational music.
  • Have bottle of water and tissues nearby, drink water before snuffing, don’t eat immediately prior, ensure vomiting and expulsion venues are accessible.
  • Effects of rapé will vary depending on medicinal blend used; common side effects include mucus production and expulsion.
  • Avoid abusing rapé; know where it comes from and refrain from mixing with other drugs.
  • Keep rapé sharing limited to trusted sources as it can be used for malicious purposes.


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