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    Contact By Email

    If you want to know any info that would help you regarding Spiritual Healing Baths or any other topic, please contact me at [email protected]

    Cancellation Policy

    QHHT / BQH CANCELLATION POLICY: Please be courteous and provide as much notice as possible if you must cancel or reschedule. I require 7 days cancellation or reschedule. Because I am the practitioner and each session takes half day or more, I do require and apply this cancellation/rescheduling policy.

    Cancelling at the last minute will result in no refunds. Should you need to cancel an existing appointment there is no refund if not done before 7 days from your appointment. If you reschedule, there is an additional $50 fee for rescheduling besides the full payment already paid. I am sorry but time is extremely limited, and I give my heart to my practice and take it very seriously. $50.00 USD deposit will be applied to a rescheduled appointment provided the new appointment date occurs within 30 days from the cancelled appointment date. Cancelling without rescheduling or failing to show for an appointment will result in no refund (full payment will be applied to your cancellation).

    If you are flying from out of state and there is an issue with your flight, rescheduling your appointment will not result in any additional fees.

    If you need to book a 15 mins complimentary call to learn more please do so using my calendar. Please only book 15 mins meetings from Mondays thru Thursdays as I leave Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays open only for full quantum healing sessions (QHHT or BQH)… Alternatively you can also pay for your QHHT / BQH session using the calendar link directly so if you are ready to schedule use my calendar and before finishing it will ask you to pay to confirm your quantum healing session date/time. If you have any questions you may email me at [email protected]

    Contact By Phone

    Some people are happier initiating contact by phone, if you are one of those people please call:  (561) 331-1898

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