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Awakening the Healer Within 12 Weeks Program

Awakening the Healer Within (12-weeks Program)

I help those who are going thru spiritual awakening release traumas, fears and doubts. For those awakening their supernatural abilities, whats between them and accepting / mastering their abilities is their trauma / fears.

Your trauma is different than anyone else so the program is customized to you whether that is:

  • Life-long wounds / traumas

  • Spiritual Fears & Doubts
  • Lack of confidence
  • Anger, Frustration, Resentment

  • Let go of Anxiety, Feeling Stuck

  • Let go of spiritual traumas

  • Understand your dream revelations / messages from spirit guides (dreams and nightmare regression)

  • Set healthy boundaries with yourself and others

    This is what is possible:

Watch this video before booking a complimentary consultation please.

Things to do before your consultation call:

  1. Watch the video above – this is not a sales consultation. Do not expect me to convince you to join the program.
  2. Read the terms and conditions
  3. Watch the video below (The long term costs of keeping your traumas long term)

5 Sessions within 12 Weeks

This is the right program for you if any of these things are happening to you:

  • Feeling stuck
  • If you have a lot of spiritual fears and doubts
  • Feeling anxious or agitated
  • Feelings of regret or resentful
  • Feeling inferiority issues (displaying it as superiority in an attempt to defend the ego)
  • Deep feeling that not matter how much success one may have, there is always a feeling of frustration, resentment, perhaps even guilt
  • whatever is your trauma in this program we can work thru it and customize the program to your needs

If you aren’t desperate to let go and do this work, then this is not the program for you.

Each session is approx. 4 hours long (whether in person or online)

To discuss if this is the right program for you schedule a 30 mins consultation.

This may be one of the hardest thing you do in this life consciously. 

To schedule a complimentary 30 mins call to learn more about the program please use this link here: (please only book for weekdays as weekends are for full healing sessions only.

What Happens In a Session…

I help my clients release emotional / mental blockages, spiritual blockages, receive aha answers and spiritual healing. What and How I get you to your healing is a combination of many years so what I do is my unique healing style….all you have to do is trust and surrender to the process.

During a session, you may go to current life traumas, thru the womb (womb regression), to past lives, other realities, to Source, or other dimensions. If lost spirits are found we are quick to address them and help them release into the ‘Light’. Again, this is such an effective technique that a lot can be done within the time we’ll share together.

The healing session is highly effective

You don’t need to do anything to prepare really but I recommend eating light just in case.

You don’t have to go into a hypnotic state as most people think so this is probably the best technique available for those really wanting to get to the roots of their traumas / issues.

Your job is to ensure you are very specific about one thing you really want to work on for each session. That’s your job! It’s that easy.

What’s Important to Remember?

Releasing blockages is an evolving matter. One session is just the tip of the iceberg, you cannot realistically believe that one session is going to do it all. There are layers and layers of healing that needs to happen for a person to truly release a lot of traumas they may have dealt with in this life. Sometimes clients find themselves going back to the same issues multiple time to uncover yet another layer. It will be highly irresponsible of me to tell you that one session is all you need because this might not your case.

Also if you suffered significant trauma in childhood or later in life, you may need to do more than the sessions provided in the program – we can discuss further in your strategy call (a complimentary video call thru zoom so we can discuss if this program can help you release / heal the traumas you’ve experienced).

Healing is like an onion – there are layers and layers. Some people are ready to do a lot while others can only do so much in one session, and thats ok. Patience is key in the healing process.

This is the reason why this is a 5 session process within a quick time frame to get best and fastest results in a short time frame. We are also able to extend the program timeframe by an extra month or so to give you time to integrate (if needed – we’ll discuss in your strategy call).

Things to keep in mind: Before your consultation call please take the time to go over this video. Once you are ready to schedule please use my calendar link:

To learn more about the program you can also more Client Success Stories here – Awakening the Healer Within Training Program 

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