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Crown Chakra

Crown chakra healing

Crown Chakra

The The celestial soul group have different name depending on your spiritual practice.

For example in ifa: we know it as Egbe Orun, in Sanse they use the word “spiritual court or commisiones like the madama commmion, in 21 divisions we call it divisions – but essentially its all pretty accurately describing the group of celestial beings that are most in alignment with the life mission purpose and incarnation cycle.

So today I want to talk about the crown chakra and focus on what happens when this chakra is compromised.

For example in 21 divisions is about the lwases that walk with us and based on what aspects they come and work with us it’s a representation of the group of lwases /spirits that normally would come in our lives at one point or another.

So in general terms, what I am saying is that your crown when in alignment you will be able to have a very good understanding of what is your life purpose and mission because you’ll have full access knowingly or unknowingly to those celestial beings that are part of your soul group.

When the crown chakra is compromised – here are some of the things you could experience:

Feeling very isolated
Very hopeless
No direction in life / no purpose
Insomnia issues
Nerve pain
Bubble head issues/feelings as one of my clients put it
Lots of fears of the unknown
Fear of the dark
Learning disabilities
Spiritual fears and traumas
Feeling broken b/c there is not connection really
Spiritual submissive to everything and anything your spiritual elders tell you b/c you thing you can f-up things up
Or on the other hand so skeptic that you don’t believe in nothing
Detached from reality
Mental disorders like schizopherenia

When your crown is balanced and aligned to your cosmic soul group, you become truly enlightened, present, connected, a true manifestor. You become your own creator.

Some of the issues with the crown happens during the birth process – when you are in your moms womb and you picking up all her low vibration feelings (consuming what she is consuming and accepting her beliefs for your own), that’s why doing a womb regression is key for your healing journey.


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