Age Regression / Life Regression

Uncover hidden insights and release barriers to personal growth.

Release trauma you don’t even know you have and realign with your Higher Self


awakening the healer within with victoria amador soul healing tribe


I fell in love with age regression after developing my own approach that blends spiritual, shamanic, and therapeutic components. By modifying techniques I’ve learned over the years, I created an engaging, body-based, and spiritual age regression method.

Whether you need to revisit recent life experiences, early adulthood, teenage years, or infancy, my age regression approach offers a sacred space for deep spiritual and energetic healing.

Sessions in person or online.

What are the Benefits of Age Regression / Life Regression?

What happens in an life regression therapy session?

Age / Life Regression is an opportunity to explore key defining moments in your life. By doing this work, you’ll experience a deep connection with and within yourself that allows for authentic change to occurs. 

Each session is 90 mins. You’ll be guided to revisit with new tools difficult moments that have marked you (consciously or unconsciously) to release past wounds, to understand life patterns, limiting beliefs and habits. 

Most people experience deep release so expect to shed a tear or two. Please minimize make-up.



It depends. Some people have something specific to work through and may have been addressing it for a while, so this might be the final piece of the puzzle.

However, most people typically need multiple sessions. Each session is 90 minutes, and while this might seem like a long time, it’s not. Clients in a healing program with me may spend 3-6+ hours in one session, so 90 minutes is just the beginning of the journey. We’ll do our best to ensure you get the most out of each experience, but it’s quite possible you may need multiple sessions. Depending on your individual goals, you might consider a healing program lasting three months or even up to a year.

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Meet Victoria Amador:

Victoria Amador is a distinguished Spiritual Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, combining her extensive education from Cornell University with deep spiritual insight to guide you on transformative healing journeys. As a successful entrepreneur turned dedicated healer, Victoria’s approach is uniquely holistic, integrating her background in Spiritual Regression and Hypnosis with shamanic training. Her spiritual / shamanic background & expertise is further enriched by her certification in Clinical and Transpersonal Trainings, enabling her to address a wide spectrum of wounds with compassion and precision.


I fully understand this treatment is not a substitute for medical treatment and it may take several sessions before I notice any benefit. This will depend on my lifestyle, ongoing medication, and general health. I understand that if I have been untruthful with my details or have failed to give enough relevant information the outcome of any regression therapy could be adversely affected, and my health and well-being may be put at risk.

I understand Victoria Amador, Soul Healing Tribe does not claim to cure or to diagnose any medical condition in the same way as a doctor/physician.

Victoria’s opinion is that of a holistic, complementary and alternative practitioner and her professional opinions, advice, examinations and recommendations do NOT constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician. 

It’s fully understood that Victoria Amador, is a non-therapeutic practitioner, meaning that she does not practice medical hypnotherapy or hypnosis to address mental or physical illness in a therapeutic medical environment. This also means that she does not work based on medical diagnosis.

Your ‘Therapy’ Session or Program is a partnership. We will work with your subconscious mind, yet the intentions you set, the preparation you make and the actions you take are critical to you getting your best outcomes. The more you put in, the more you get out. I can’t do the work for you, so you really must be a very willing participant in your own healing journey!

In this partnership, I have a responsibility to guide you through a great healing process, and you have a personal responsibility to focus on following that process with earnest diligence.

Remember to be present, work hard, reflect, contemplate, be open and honest, be able to get emotionally naked for best optimal healing results.

Do that, and the Terms and Conditions will automatically be adhered to. For clarity, and in case of wandering off the path, here are the policies for variations from this way.

The Five Vital Tips / Prerequisites

1) Work on Communication / with your Inner / Higher Self often – daily and develop a strong sisterhood / brotherhood. Learn to do so DAILY even if its just for 3 mins!

2) Learn to Trust your Higher Self – and please show on time to your appointments. If your apt is online be ready 15 mins before the call. We can’t waste time on setting up technology or addressing tech issues….if your apt is in person please be respectful and show up on time. It often gets cold in the office please bring a sweater. If you use socks for sleeping, please make sure you bring a pair to use as well.

3) Get ready for your sessions! Resistance whether conscious or unconsciously happens. I get it. I’ll guide you through whatever resistance shows up BUT you have to be willing to be guided. Please don’t expect me to take your healing as YOUR Responsibility. If you book a session, show up and then want to stop because you don’t feel comfortable feeling, you are doing yourself a big disservice. You’ve already paid, the time is blocked for you so you might as well use the time wisely. If you decide to end your session before the session / time is up there will be no refund. If you book and don’t show up, you forfeit your session and your session fees. So I highly recommend for you to book only if you are serious about doing this deep healing work.

4) Be like a child! You have to be willing to participate fully and trying your best to go with the flow – even when it sounds crazy / too magically or too weird or imaginary….you have to trust that Victoria has been given the right tools and trainings to help you!

5) Be Sober – Please do not take any drugs to relax you. No alcohol, marijuana or relaxation pills. Continue to take your prescribed medications from your doctor but know that antidepressants may very well affect your ability to connect with your emotions. If there is a block in your connecting to your emotion healing is limited and would require many more sessions (which is fine as long as we are both on the same page).


6)  Wear clean comfy clothes. Please limit makeup, keep it as light as possible or waterproof because tears will make eyeliner and mascara flow.

7) If you colored your hair days before your session, please let me know so that I can use something to protect the pillowcase from getting stained.

If the five fundamental prerequisites are not met, you won’t get the most out of working with me.

The following are some of the most important terms of service.

  1. I am willing and able to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, hypnosis, and the different techniques needed for the best results possible. I am fully aware that these modalities are spiritual-based and non-medical in nature, and it is my full responsibility to consult with a medical professional about any changes in my condition or changes in my medication. In no way, any spiritual sessions with Victoria Amador, Soul Healing Tribe / and any other known programs run by Victoria are meant to be taken as medical advice or legal counsel.
  2. I fully understand these techniques and modalities are not meant to replace any medical or legal counsel. It’s my full responsibility to seek medical counsel. Medications if any are not to be stopped / reduced or replaced in any way without a medical practitioner’s approval.
  3. I understand that I need to be spiritual mature enough to know that these techniques do not require me to be asleep. Hypnotherapy, regression work and other tools Victoria uses to guide you do not require you to be asleep. On the contrary, I need to be conscious in order to participate and collaborate with my Higher Self in order to experience the best results possible.
  4. I fully understand that I must be a willing participant in my own healing process. It’s my responsibility to do a lot of self-reflection and contemplation for optimal results. I also understand these are healing modalities in which my Higher Self is the master healer and therefore, I heal myself. Victoria Amador is simply a guide, a practitioner to moderate the conversation between myself and my Higher Self.
  5. I understand that I must be open and honest in order for Victoria Amador to be able to help me establish a strong connection with my Higher Self. The more you hide from true feelings, the more time it would require.
  6. I understand all sessions are no longer recorded. I
  7. I understand the refund / rescheduling / cancellation terms.

Its important to show up sober, please no drugs or alcohol or recreational substances at least 24 hours prior to your session and after your session for best results.

Try to minimize caffeine the day of your session.

Please do not consume any micro-dose of mushrooms, HTC, etc.

Please review all the terms and conditions here. https://soulhealingtribe.com/terms/