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3 Sessions Program (2.5 hours each)

3 Sessions Program to Address 1 Main Issue

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Wellness Program Overview:
Discover Real Healing Through Regression Sessions

Is The Wellness Program right for you?

  • The Wellness Program is an ideal solution if you have limited time or a hectic schedule. Whether you’re a corporate employee or a business owner with a complicated schedule, this program can help you to restore balance and harmony in your life.
  • If you aren’t sure if the full Awakening the Healer Within program is for you – the sessions will provide you with the necessary proof to see and feel the results.
  • Or if you can’t afford the full program


What is the Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and meaningful healing experience. Through three regression / hypnotic sessions, we will work together to uncover and address the root causes of your issues.

These 3 sessions may include any or a combination of the following techniques:

  • Spirit releasement,
  • Age regression,
  • Past life regression,
  • Shamanic techniques
  • Womb regression.
  • You will have access to our online community and integration calls. 

The Wellness Program will help you to work on one main issue and feel the change within yourself. Every session is designed to address your individual needs and provide you with real tangible results. 

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Unlock your inner healer and bring balance to your life. We offer in person and online sessions, so no matter your schedule, you can find the perfect program for you.

*Each regression session helps you explore and uncover the root causes of your issues, so you can start the healing journey. 

Part of our Wellness Program includes access to the online community, where you can share your journey with others and connect with like-minded individuals. We also have an integration session once a month, so you can discuss your experiences and receive the support you need.

Take your wellness journey to the next level with the Wellness Program from Soul Healing Tribe. To register and schedule your first session.

To see what others have to say about doing the regression work visit:  or check out the whitepaper here.


My perfect client understands the importance of vulnerability, self reflection, and defining an intention with what they wish would be different after completing the program. I value my clients placing trust in me and embracing an open-minded attitude towards treatment in order to get the most out of their sessions. With this Wellness Program I want every single one of my clients to have a chance at creating an improved lifestyle for themselves with lasting mental wellbeing and happiness results.

My name is Victoria Amador. I am a high priestess in a couple of ancestral magical spiritual practices. I have created my own transformational technique using the different trainings I have acquired in my ancestral spiritual practice, shamanism and in combination with the different regression / hypnosis trainings to help you transform your life. 

In the last year alone, I have helped over 200 people transform their lives, let go of lifelong traumas, specially feelings of anger and anxiety, stop feeling loneliness and so much more.

Please understand, I am not a medical doctor, if you have a medical issue or mental illness please seek appropriate assistance from a professional medical provider. I am a spiritual healer/guide/coach and my focus is 100% spiritual.

You’ve seen /heard the reviews, this is a life transforming experience whether you do the 12 weeks program, the 3-Days Intensive program or the Wellness Program.

See AZ’s email testimonial:

A Powerful Process to Help You Release What Doesnt Serve you Any longer.  

This is a sacred time for you. 

This is sacred work so please ensure when you are in your sessions, whether online or in person, there are no distractions, no phone calls, no walking the dog or taking care of anyone else. If you are online, you are going to need a computer or laptop to do the session, its hard to do a session via mobile (very draining). 

And Yohanny G says:  

“My QHHT session with Victoria was the most healing session I’ve ever experienced without the use of plant medicine.

I connected to inter dimensional beings who I witnessed sending myself and the rest of humanity healing light of love and oneness. I connected with my mother after more than 18 years of searching for her, in a way my heart had always longed for. She transitioned 18 years ago and although we had interacted together, in my dream state many times, it was never enough for me.

That all changed with my QHHT session and now I feel her so close to me all the time.

So much healing! I feel like I experienced so many activations and now feel the energy of the Universe flowing through me, I am an now an open channel for my Higher Self!

I feel so blessed and grateful to Victoria for such a beautiful and amazingly healing session.”

I only work with those who are willing & ready

To be the right candidate you must willing and ready to change your life, thought patterns, and behaviors so that a major shift and transformation can occur. These shifts will remove all blocks, fears, and traumas known and unknown. 

It’s a magical process, but you must be willing and ready to do the work! 

You must be willing and ready to participate fully by putting your mind and efforts into every experience and sessions.

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Everyone can heal themselves with the right assistance.

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Disclaimer: My energy healing session / energetic medicine sessions or healing sessions as I often refer to my technique is a combination of many years of experience in ancestral spiritual practices, shamanism, hypnotherapy / past lives and quantum healing techniques morphed into a powerful technique to assist my clients release whatever emotional / spiritual traumas they may have. Please understand that my services are not licensed by the state and I am not a licensed physician. If you need medical care please seek the appropriate provider. My technique is focused on spiritual healing that leads to other emotional / mental and even physical healing if the main root of the problem was due to a spiritual issue.

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