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A QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session is a very sacred technique that when used properly it can result in healing beyond your wildest imagination. Quantum Healing allows you to have a more in depth understanding through Past Life Regression, about yourself and the events that have or are occurring in your life. QHHT is an amazing technique and can only be done in person to ensure the safety of the client and that we adhere to the guidelines that Dolores Cannon established.

QHHT is sacred process where we utilize your Subconscious that’s connected to Source. Some people may know the Subconscious as the Higher Self, The Super Conscious, or The Over-Soul. The higher self is contacted during the session so we can ask all your questions, receive answers and healing. Healing is received on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Understanding what has caused the different challenges / traumas / situations in your life is very important to receive 100% healing so you do not repeat the same lessons causing again more challenges for your life. Going thru past lives also help clarify the root of challenges, potential solutions, potential gifts you have waiting for you to uncover them and much more.

During this sacred session you can experience unconditional love, compassion, understanding, release fears, receive healing on all levels as well as forgive others and so much more.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) as thought by Dolores Cannon can only be done in person. 

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) – so what is BQH (for Online Sessions)

BQH is deeply rooted in the teachings of QHHT. The intention and foundation are the same. With BQH we have some more freedom of the type of entities we can call forward whether its angelic beings, light beings, Mysteries of 21 Divisions, Orishas, Ancestors, other-dimensional beings such as star family, and spirit guides. We also have more freedom to travel to other dimensions and planets. With BQH we can also go thru past lives as well as parallel lives, lives on other planets, life between lives, and lives in other dimensions. BQH sessions are structured in a manner that allows for more access to other dimensions if that is the clients’ intention.

As our level of consciousness expands it can be easier to work with a combination of QHHT and BQH to walk the client the thru the most profound experience during our session. As I work with the Subconscious and the Over-Soul I have been asked by it directly to assist with my gifts in sessions and that’s how I became interested in using BQH so I can combine the Quantum Healing Techniques (QHHT, BQH) and my spiritual gifts as a Channeler / Medium and Healer.

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