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Numerology Consultations

including: Pythagorean / Chaldean / Lo-Shu Numerology

For limited time - the full report is only $28 for the next 30 clients!

About 60 Pages Report to learn more about you, your life number, destiny, hidden strengths, period cycles, spiritual plane, mental plane, compatibility with current or potential romantic partners, business numbers , up coming year pros and cons, & much more!

Avg Turnaround time is 24-72 hours for the report only. If you schedule a consultation with your report, you'll be able to see the schedule and choose a time that works for both of us.

Unlocking the Secrets of Numerology: A Journey into the Depths of Who We ARE!

Discover the Power of Your Sacred Numbers

Numerology holds the key to unlocking the profound mysteries of our world and universal consciousness as well as our purpose / mission / challenges and so much more. As we advance in our spiritual journey, delving into the depths of OUR sacred numbers becomes crucial.

Guiding our Path: Understanding your life’s purpose!

Through numerology, we gain the wisdom to discern the appropriateness of moving forward. By deciphering the significance of specific numbers and symbols, we can determine the ideal timing for important events / projects / relationships and so on.

Embark on a transformative exploration of numerology today and embark on a path of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

In IFA for example, we know the importance of numerology since IFA divination is based on 256 volumes (odus / signs / numbers) that are derived from the main 16 chapters (Mejis / Meyis). 

I actually felt in love with numerology after getting the Hand of Urumilla and diving deep into the different odus and their numerology /impact on us!

And decided to started my training with the Indian institute of Vedic Astrology for a prof master numerology and Lo-Shu advanced prof diploma.


If i am hosting a private client for the 3 nights / 4 days spiritual ceremonies program, this means that your report could take up to 5 days for me to work on it and email it to you. If thats the case, I’ll send you an email so you know when to expect it…every 2 months or so, I have private spiritual ceremonies for clients who come from different states so my attention is 100% on them.

What is Numerology?

Numerology, previously known as arithmancy, is the exploration of the mystical connection between numbers and events. It involves studying the numerical value of letters in words and names through an alphanumeric system. When applied to a person’s name, it becomes a form of onomancy. Numerology is often associated with the paranormal, like astrology, and shares similarities with divinatory arts.


Numerology the ancient practice of the wise sages of our world!

2024 is here – is it an auspicious or non-auspicious year for you? What is your resulting year number and what months are going to be positive, neutral and/or negative for personal, work/business, what to plan for? And more!


What’s Included in the full report?

Pathygoran / Chalden and Lo-shu Numerology report including all the following in a full 50-60 pages report.

Lo-Shu Grid: 
Mental Plane / Emotional Plane / Practical Plane / Thought Plane / Will Plane / Spiritual Plane and Missing Number/s. 
In Chinese Numerology, we can go deeper than Western Numerology to be more accurate since it has 9 types of people with 9 characters which results in 81 different combinations.  These 81 combinations are very accurate for us to understand deeper levels of who we are that may not be easily understood with Western Numerology.
Chart Analysis for next 5 years includes: The Challenge #, Pinnacle #, Personal Cycle #, Name Cycles, Period Cycle and more.
Year 2024 – and month by month overview
Name Analysis such as life path #, expression #, heart desire #, personality #, karmic lessons #, Karmic Debt if applicable, karmic debt life path if applicable, Subconscious Self #, Rational Thought #, Maturity #, Balance # etc.
Chaldean Name Analysis 
Suggested Career based on Life Path, Birthday, Western and Eastern Sign
Important age and years for your life, career and finances.
Hidden Strengths and Potential #
Habit Number
Dasha Chaldean Analysis for next couple of years
Number Analysis – Chaldean Style
Primary favorable #, secondary # and primary avoidable # and 2nd avoidable number/s. Including Bhagyan / Moolank
Compound Name Number 
Relationship Analysis (if you order the basic report, you have the option to add the romantic relationship analysis – you must email me your info and your partners info in order to calculate everything).
Finance Analysis
Lucky date, days, colors

Vastu Grid 

and more!

Numerology Compatibility Numbers (between potential romantic or current partners) include:

  • Compatibility as Per Life Path
  • Compatibility as per Birthday
  • Compatibility as per Name
  • Compatibility as per Heart Desire
  • Compatibility as per Birth Month
  • Compatibility as per Zodiac Sign
  • Bonding Compatibility
  • Communication Compatibility
  • Sex Compatibility
  • Life Event Compatibility
  • Thought Compatibility
  • Soul Purpose Compatibility
  • As per Vastu Compatibility
    *Every direction, in Vastu is governed by a particular planet/energy. In Astrology , planets has its number ,color . Each direction has it`s own significance and utilization as per Vastu Shastra.
What and where to email me?
Your full name, your date of birth, time of birth. If you are ordering a compatibility report as well please include the info for your partner as well. Including full name, date of birth, time of birth (down to the seconds if possible), city / state and country of birth and if daylight savings time is applicable for that location.
Forward the copy of your payment with the info mentioned above.

When to expect your full report? 24-48 hours turn around to receive your full report.

Make sure to check your junk

Make sure to email [email protected] & forward your email payment receipt with your full name including middle name and 2nd last name if applicable at birth (if you are married also include your full name that you go by now. Full date of birth and city / state / country of birth.

What's the Lo-Shu Grid?

The Lo Shu is a significant symbol in ancient Chinese mathematics and divinity, closely associated with the I Ching and Feng Shui. It plays a crucial role in the art of geomancy, which focuses on the strategic placement of objects to harness natural energy.

The trigrams, as described in the I Ching, are integral to divination practices of the Shang and Zhou state religion. They also hold significance in traditional Chinese metaphysics, including taiji and the five elements. With connections to a wide range of disciplines such as astronomy, astrology, geography, and martial arts, the trigrams have a profound impact on various aspects of Chinese culture.