Find your True Self 

Free 15-days Accelerator Challenge

To be more present and align with your soul & Spirit…

“Others won’t recognize you; they will wonder what you are doing differently, notice that you are more grounded, wiser, and living in the moment…they will ask you what’s changed…only you will know. 60 mins daily, all you have to do is watch the videos, and do 10-15 mins daily exercises.” 

Free Accelerator Challenge for first 40 people


Why Attend the "Find Your True Self" Accelerator Challenge?





I’ve worked with many people who were feeling stuck, depressed, alone, unsure about life. Life has truly changed for them, and they can see life with new lenses. Back in 2023 I started teaching other potential healers how I’ve been able to get these powerful results in such a short timeframe.

Many of these people began their journey with many questions such as:

All these questions and many others are crucial for you to know if the Healer Path is in alignment with you!
This is why I am hosting this FREE Accelerator program…I want to support you, and by doing so, I also hope to attract a limited amount of people who are very serious about healing themselves or becoming an effective Transpersonal Healing Practitioner/ spiritual coach. My mission is to create a tribe, a Soul Healing Tribe, a community of likeminded progressive passionate individuals on a mission to help others, grow together, become abundant and limitless. But I don’t want just anyone, I want people who have integrity and a passion to assist others. Who are goal driven and can commit to truly changing their lives and the lives of people who come in contact with them. We are on a mission to let the struggles behind and embrace the life we want to create for ourselves.
You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family, to live a life worth living. A life full of passion, adventure, growth, more purposeful and much abundance than we ever thought possible before.

Here’s how the event will flow:

15 days of On-Demand Content. You’ll have access for 15 days Only. 
Plan to invest max of 60 mins per day!
Daily challenge steps to put each training into action plus bonus videos (links will be emailed to you).

Access to a private community to share, ask questions, and engage with others.

Founder of Soul Healing Tribe and creator of the DRT technique, Victoria Amador. 

Welcome to a transformative healing experience. I am Victoria Amador, a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Coach & Spiritual Healer, specializing in empowering modalities such as Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy, and Age Regression, Transpersonal Coaching amongst others.

My unique healing approach targets the root causes of pain and trauma. Together, we will unlock your inner power and tap into your true potential. My approach also helps you create a vision for a future of true self-mastery.

It’s time to break free from the constraints of your struggles. Join our tribe and embark on your healing journey today. Your transformation begins now.


We’re gifting aspiring healers our free 15 Days Accelerator Challenge "Find Your True Self"…

(Yes, even if you are busy with a 9-5 or already a healer but feel like something needs to shift to start and/or improve your current healing practice).

15 days, 1 Hour per Day

2 Live Zoom Calls (Ask questions, Learn & Experience Healing)

Release, Heal, Align, and Discover your True Essence

15-Days Accelerator Challenge Find Your True Self

Cost: FREE! (Value $997)

Frequently Asked Questions + Additional Notes:

For those considering enrollment in the complete DRT program, please note that we have limited availability, accepting only 10 participants per cohort. Unlike typical sales pitches or lengthy introductions, our aim isn’t to hook you in with excessive information. Instead, our focus is on facilitating profound breakthroughs in your self-awareness. Even if you’re unable to commit to the full 90+ hours of training, the transformative experience of just 15 days together will prove invaluable​

This program is specifically tailored for healing practitioners, therapists, and anyone in the wellness field looking to deepen their understanding and application of holistic healing techniques. If you are going through your Spiritual Awakening, this program can also help you tremendously. Whether you’re new to the field or an experienced practitioner seeking to expand your toolkit with spiritual regression, dream work, or support for psychedelic integration, this program offers valuable insights and skills. 

*If you are looking to embrace the Healer’s Path, know that you are in the right place.

This accelerator program does not offer a certification. However, those that enroll in the full DRT program and successfully complete the program will receive a certificate.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certification in Dream (Nightmare & Trance) Regression, with a specialization in the techniques covered throughout the course, such as Spiritual Regression and Past Life Regression. This certification acknowledges your comprehensive training and proficiency in these advanced healing methodologies.

Yes, the program is designed to be flexible, accommodating the needs of working professionals and those with other commitments. The blend of online and live sessions allows participants to engage with the course material at their own pace, with options for evening and weekend sessions to ensure maximum accessibility.

The program is crafted to be accessible to those new to healing practices, providing a supportive and comprehensive introduction to various healing techniques and modalities. Even if you have no prior experience, the program will guide you through the fundamentals and support you every step of the way as you develop your healing abilities.