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21 Divisions

21 Divisions & Spiritual Healing Baths

As a 21 Divisions High Priestess, I work with the Mysteries (Los Misterios) as my foundational practice (my personal spiritual practice). Please note: I do not offer 21 Divisions Initiations / Baptism or Ceremonies.  Since early in life, I’ve been involved in the healing arts (more ancestral shamanic practices) and in the last 2 years have helped hundredths of people using spiritual hypnosis / regression. 

The different hypnotherapy sessions available are Heart-Centered Transformational Hypnotherapist, Age Regression, QHHT, BQH, Soul Regression, Past Life Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Due to a heavy schedule with Hypnotherapy clients and spiritual ceremonies schedule: I am only offering the hand-crafted spiritual baths to those who are Hypnotherapy or Spiritual based clients (its not longer offered thru the website for anyone to order).

One of the things I love doing the most is hand-crafting spiritual healing baths with natural plants (leaves, flowers, herbs, roots, and essential oils). I am guided by divine beings and activate the baths through sacred prayers and chants to help you cleanse, remove obstacles, and attract health, love and prosperity. I am only doing this for myself and family at the moment since my schedule is too tight to do it properly for my clients.

The universe is made of energy, sound, and colors. And with the ingredients used for your bath (the matter), with the right flower and/or herb, colors, and with the right sound (the chants), we can activate all the ingredients to work harmoniously to create miracles. Some may refer to this as magic!

Anyone can do a spiritual bath for themselves in their convenience of their homes for simple situations or challenges you may be experiencing. The need for a priest or priestess comes when you do not have the knowledge, or when you need more advanced skills to summon specific spirits to come through and help combine different ingredients that, when activated with sacred prayers and chants, can result in significant help to cleanse and balance the auric field and therefore the chakras. Balancing of the chakras is extremely important because it has direct impact on our physical 3D, awakened life. You can invoke your own spirit team to help you activate the flowers and plants / herbs / roots etc to create a powerful healing bath.

Why do flowers and herbs as well as essential oils work for spiritual cleansings?

Flowers, particularly roses, have the highest frequency: 320 Hz. A rose has the closest vibration to the universal frequency of love (528 Hz).

Although our body vibrates at an approximate range of 62 Hz to 78 Hz, with the right spiritual bath, we can supercharge our vibration, thereby changing our thoughts. And because our thoughts affect our reality, we then create new life.

We are spiritual beings in physical bodies surrounded by energy. People, plants, animals, crystal stones, physical objects, and everything in this planet have an aura. This aura is composed of energy layers. The human aura has seven layers that are always radiating and vibrating. The aura contains vital information that reveals to us if we are in balance from a physical to a more esoteric perspective. The reason this is important is that we need to understand that when we craft a spiritual flower bath or spiritual herbs bath or a spiritual bath in general, we are working with the earth’s energy, which is extremely potent. And when combined with sacred prayers and chants, the energy of the source (God and higher beings) also comes through to supercharge the ingredients and create a powerful water bath that can transform your life. With these baths, I’ve been able have to clear my patients’ auric field to achieve specific tasks or goals in their lives.

Everything created by the source, by God or however you may identify the creator, has a purpose. My job is to consult my guides, identify the right flowers, herbs, plants and oils to use for each bath so you can obtain great results.

Spiritual baths can be used for many situations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing Negative Entities / Blocking Incoming Negative Energies
  • Increasing the ability to Lucid Dream (which is highly important for energy healers of all kinds)
  • Attracting Love and Prosperity
  • Increasing the ability to communicate with higher beings
  • Aura Balancing
  • And more!

Since the beginning of history, bath rituals have been used by all advanced societies. All throughout the world, they’ve been part of initiations and most, if not all, spiritual practices. In every culture and every region across the globe — including Mesopotamia, Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Dahomey, The Caribbean, The Americas, Europe, and probably even in or near your town — someone, like a priest or priestess, has been blessed with the knowledge of using, activating and combining flowers, herbs, roots (the Plant Kingdom in general) to treat patients. They’re like general doctors who, for example, treat pain with certain medications. The difference is that the priest or priestess has been initiated and activated to help patients by using the Plant Kingdom to help cleanse and reenergize the auric field of a person.

What is the Auric Field?

We all have an auric field. The aura is the flow of life, the energy that maintains our physical body intact. It’s sort of like an energy field that keeps our body working harmoniously when the field is as it should be. And when it’s not, then we experience one or more complications. Machines of this century can now take photographs of the chakra and the field to show us whether or not what we have is in balance. The auric field exists on different layers and each layer has a direct connection to the physical body.

The Auric Field is Divided into 7 Layers:

Each field body (or field layer, as you may call it), is positioned in relation to the physical body. For example, the etheric body is the closest to the physical body, while the seventh layer is the farthest from the physical body.

1. Etheric or Bioplasmic Body – This is the 1st chakra. It corresponds to the root chakra and is often the chakra most commonly concerned with pain and pleasure. This layer is the closest to the physical body.

Colors associated with this chakra are white, blue and grey.

2. Emotional Body – This is the 2nd chakra and is known as the sacral chakra. This chakra is concerned with feelings and all things emotional. The color depends on your emotions and may change quite frequently depending on the thoughts you experience minute by minute.

3. Mental Body – This is the field associated with the 3rd chakra, known as the Solar Plexus chakra. This is the chakra concerned with thoughts, cognitive processes, and your general state of mind. It’s involved with what we often call “left-brain activity.” We, as humans, spend a great majority of our days in our mental body without realizing it, and sometimes, we don’t use that time wisely. This tends to be a yellow color; if blocked, it becomes a pale-yellow, muddy color.

4. Astral Body – This field is associated with the 4th chakra, called the heart chakra. It’s highly associated with balance, calmness and harmony.

5. The Etheric Template – This 5th chakra is the throat chakra. This is a chakra where lots of communication from the divine can take place, as we speak what we are; therefore, it’s important to understand how deeply connected to the divine this chakra is, as all chakras are. For the most part, this is a deep blue color.

6. The Celestial / Casual Body – This is the 6th chakra and is associated with the third eye. The colors are often gold and silver.

7. The Ketheric Template – The 7th chakra is known as the crown chakra. This chakra is concerned with the higher self and connection to the source. When properly activated, it helps us identify ourselves as the divine beings that we are, thereby strengthening our connection to the spirit realm. The color often associated with this layer is gold, sometimes silver and magenta.

Each layer corresponds to specific chakras, and each chakra corresponds to energetic fields within your body that may be activate or inactive. If it’s inactive, it may cause tremendous challenges for your 3D life. When all chakras are activated, we can experience full manifestations and blessings beyond our wildest imagination.

And because we as humans are pure energy, it’s therefore important for us to understand how a spiritual bath can create miracles for our lives. This understanding is extremely important for us to finalize the last component of each spiritual healing bath…

What’s the last component? Faith. Everything in this world is energy, and words and thoughts are composed of energy, sounds, and colors which are an essential part of the bath ritual. If you take a bath prepared by a high priest or priestess and the bath has been activated to change your life in any way possible but you take the bath thinking it won’t do anything, then you may not get the full benefit. The bath may help somewhat, but with the lack of faith, you have dis-activated the maximum compounded energies that were infused into the bath. Faith is an important requirement for any bath; therefore, a specific conversation or sound is prescribed for each bath, and this should be played or chanted while you are bathing or showering with your bath.

Remember, the auric field is the flow of life. This energy doesn’t only maintain our body intact but also radiates and vibrates in a way that provides us with information as to which areas/chakras may need balancing. Therefore, a consultation can not only help identify which chakra(s) may need alignment but also facilitate a more fluid conversation with spirit to understand how best to help you.

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