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3-Days/Nights Intensive Healing & Spiritual Ceremony Program

3-Days / 3 Nights Intensive Healing & Spiritual Ceremony for spiritual awakening, release traumas, fears and doubts to feel confidence, present and connected. 

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Spiritual Sacred Ceremonies / Trance Ceremonies

The 3 Days/ 3 Nights Healing and Spiritual Sacred Ceremonies / Trance Ceremonies

  • This is the ultimate experience invoking and learn from your spirit team
  • To receive healing, connect deeply 
  • Let go of spiritual doubts and fears
  • Get the important answers you’ve been searching for!

Life Changing Sessions -3 days intensive program with 3 Regression Sessions, 12 integration sessions (for 1 year) after for continue support and coaching.

Have you been on the spiritual journey for a while and still cant make sense of what you need to do, how to communicate with your spirit team and develop a trusting connection? 

The 3-Days Intensive Healing & Spiritual Sacred Ceremonies Program – is a 3 full day & night program with 3 follow up regression sessions and 12 integration follow-up sessions to be done within a year for additional coaching and support. This is an opportunity unlike anything else you can imagine.

The 3-Days program is a combination of shamanism, 21 Divisions, Past Life & Quantum Healing all in 3 days with monthly integration / coaching sessions to continue to support you as you integrate everything that happened in your 3-days program. 

The 3-Days Intensive Healing & Spiritual Ceremonies Program will help you:

  • Go into full trance to communicate directly with your spirit team 
  • Each day we’ll be focusing on a specific challenge / issue / trauma you would like to work thru
  • Could be:
    • Dealing with grief, resentment, guilt, loneliness issues, depression, low self-esteem, etc.
    • Fear of the unknown, fear of your spirit guides, doubts and spiritual traumas, etc.
  • Understand your dream revelations / messages from spirit guides (dreams and nightmare regression while under trance) 
  • Better understand your life mission & purpose
  • Gain confidence, understand and feel your self-worth / value and what you can offer to humanity

My name is Victoria Amador. I am a high priestess in a couple of ancestral magical spiritual practices. I have created my own transformational technique using the different trainings I have acquired in my ancestral spiritual practice, shamanism and in combination with the different regression / hypnosis trainings to help you transform your life. 

In the last year alone, I have helped over 200 people transform their lives, let go of lifelong traumas, specially feelings of anger and anxiety, stop feeling loneliness and so much more.

Please understand, I am not a medical doctor, if you have a medical issue or mental illness please seek appropriate assistance from a professional medical provider. I am a spiritual healer/guide/coach and my focus is 100% spiritual.

You’ve seen /heard the reviews, this is a life transforming experience whether you do the 12 weeks program or the 3-Days Intensive program.

See AZ’s email testimonial:

A Powerful Process to Help You Go into Trance, Receive everything you’ve been searching for and more!

This is a sacred time for you. 

This is a sacred time for you, so each day of the 3 days is a full day / overnight program, very intense but worth every second of it. You’ll do the work of a few years in just 3 days!

Only 1 client per month for this type of program and you must book 2+ months in advance after you have your initial consultation with me. If I feel or receive confirmation from spirit that this is not the right program for you, I’ll let you know during your initial consultation.

The program costs is $5,500 includes:

  • Overnight stay and meals
  • 3 full days and nights (4th day we end around 10-11am).
  • 5-6 trance experiences to communicate with spirit guides and learn powerful energy work
  • Sacred plant medicines such as Hapeh, Sananga, Yopo, Kakawo, Ambil, Kambo, and more!
  • 2 Spiritual Healing Baths 
  • Morning / afternoon sessions and integration
  • 3 regression sessions
  • 12 follow up integration / coaching sessions (45 mins sessions)

***I determine which sacred medicines we’ll use depending on what spirit indicates is needed for what you need to work on/through.

And Yohanny G says:  

“My QHHT session with Victoria was the most healing session I’ve ever experienced without the use of plant medicine.

I connected to inter dimensional beings who I witnessed sending myself and the rest of humanity healing light of love and oneness. I connected with my mother after more than 18 years of searching for her, in a way my heart had always longed for. She transitioned 18 years ago and although we had interacted together, in my dream state many times, it was never enough for me.

That all changed with my QHHT session and now I feel her so close to me all the time.

So much healing! I feel like I experienced so many activations and now feel the energy of the Universe flowing through me, I am an now an open channel for my Higher Self!

I feel so blessed and grateful to Victoria for such a beautiful and amazingly healing session.”

I only work with those who are willing & ready

To be the right candidate you must willing and ready to change your life, thought patterns, and behaviors so that a major shift and transformation can occur. These shifts will remove all blocks, fears, and traumas known and unknown. 

It’s a magical process, but you must be willing and ready to do the work! 

You must be willing and ready to participate fully by putting your mind and efforts into every experience and integration sessions.

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Everyone can heal themselves with the right assistance.

The location for the 3-Days Intensive Healing & Spiritual Sacred Ceremonies Program 

The location will be a private location, this is a private program, and for the 3 days / nights, you and me (Victoria), will be together for the whole time, there will be no shopping time, no site-seeing, not eating out etc. The location will not be in a motel or hotel, most likely it will be in a modest airbnb place in surrounded by nature. We’ll be together for all 3 full days, depending on your needs, I may need to ask an additional healer to assist with one or multiple ceremonies.

Flying In:

You can fly into West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International Airport), Fort Lauderdale or Miami International Airport. During your strategy call, if I feel you’ll be a good candidate for this program, we will discuss travel plans. 

If you are driving, we’ll discuss arrival time once you book your 3 Days program.

The 3-Days Program is 3 full days and nights, if you are planning to stay longer, you can book a hotel before or after. 

Can I do the coaching sessions /integration online?

After the 3-Days, yes the monthly zoom sessions (integration / coaching sessions) can be done online through zoom. 

To book a complimentary strategy call use this link: 

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Disclaimer: My energy healing session / energetic medicine sessions or healing sessions as I often refer to my technique is a combination of many years of experience in ancestral spiritual practices, shamanism, hypnotherapy / past lives and quantum healing techniques morphed into a powerful technique to assist my clients release whatever emotional / spiritual traumas they may have. Please understand that my services are not licensed by the state and I am not a licensed physician. If you need medical care please seek the appropriate provider. My technique is focused on spiritual healing that leads to other emotional / mental and even physical healing if the main root of the problem was due to a spiritual issue.

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