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Sacred Gatherings

Upcoming Sacred Gatherings

What can you experience under sacred medicine? Wow so much from communication with ancestors, spirit guides, light beings, elementals and so much more.

Here is a short clip from the Feb 2023 Cacao Ceremony & Holly’s Experience under trance with Cacao & Hapeh.


April 7th to April 8th 2023 – Day and Overnight Sacred Gathering from 12pm to 11am. Sacred plant medicine – working with the energy of Hapeh, Sananga, Ortiga and Kambo – Location has changed – it wont be in Singer Island anymore (location will be shared once we finalize the location details and after you had rsvp your spot by making your payment. Its 24 hours retreat, we’ll be sleeping outdoors so plan accordingly with outdoor sleeping bags, proper clothing etc.

The Peanut Island overnight event is non-refundable. First come first serve – only 9 spaces left!



To RSVP for events please send your payment thru Venmo or PayPal:

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Social Media Disclaimer: Soul Healing Tribe / Victoria Amador has the right to take pictures /videos of sacred gatherings / ceremonies to be published on social media sites and websites. By agreeing to participate you agree/ consent to be photographed/ video-graphed. 

For Cacao Ceremonies please NOTE:

If you are taking SSRIs or MAOIs, or have any of the following, Heart disorders, high blood pressure, are pregnant, have diabetes, Gastro Reflux Disease, Glaucoma, Osteoporosis, or Irritable bowel syndrome, recently had surgery, or have any other mental or physical conditions that you feel may cause concern for your health, this medicine may not be for you. Please speak to us in advance if you have any of these conditions or other concerns. 

Disclaimer: My energy healing session / energetic medicine sessions or healing sessions as I often refer to my technique is a combination of many years of experience in ancestral spiritual practices and hypnotherapy / past lives and quantum healing techniques morphed into a powerful technique to assist my clients release whatever emotional / spiritual traumas they may have. Please understand that my services are not licensed by the state and I am not a licensed physician. If you need medical care please seek the appropriate provider. My technique is focused on spiritual healing that leads to other emotional / mental and even physical healing if the main root of the problem was due to a spiritual issue. Anything that you decide to participate in you do so at your own free will and you will not hold me, Soul Healing Tribe or any of my assistants responsible for anything that you choose to do freely for your own healing goals.

To RSVP for events please send your payment thru Venmo or PayPal:

For paypal payments: