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Biz Owners

Business Coaching for Healing Business Owners

I’ve been a business coach for over 10 years now. My previous business clients were mostly in traditional businesses operating anywhere from 0 to $2.5M in sales. In 2022, I started coaching healing business owners after having a tremendous amount of success in my own healing practice. I believe that Gaia needs us all to step into our power, to assist others; and the best way for me to help is to assist healing business owners succeed so in turn they can assist many in their own communities.

Since 2022, most of my coaching clients are healers who are having trouble taking their small business to the next level. Many are just launching their practice and have not idea how to pick the right niche, the right target client who is willing to pay for their services.

My coaching services is to help you niche down to attract the right clients, help you with pricing strategies, marketing ideas, follow thru, developing structure for your client meetings, budget, masterminding and also connecting you with other healers to network together.

If your goal is to get to $5k-10k+ per month then this is the right coaching service for you.

How to get Started?

Simply, invest in the 6 hours coaching sessions to get started. Once you schedule, you will only schedule your first meeting. After your first meeting, I’ll send you a private link to use for follow up sessions.

Niching, Understanding your Value, Pricing and Business Operations Management is key to a successful healing business.

Most healers don’t have the business background to understand how to start and grow a successful healing business.

My entrepreneurship background over the last 12+ years plus my corporate background in hospitality and my business education at Cornell, is just the right combination to help many healers get clarity, action plans and processes in place to attract and book the right clients!

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